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i now use sid 5 star, kylo ren 4 star (got lucky ;), lesser 4 star, daka 4 star, and tie pilot 2 star soon 3 star as my team, but my future plan is to have:

sid as leader
kylo ren
luminara (unlocking in progress)

this to me sound like a BEAST team with a lot of AOE and DPS with the lesser buff, also it have a powerful healer (luminara), as i feel daka is not good enough healer or support in general even tough she have a stun.
tie pilot hits like a truck with the lesser buff with have so little health that its to risky to have him in the squad cus he often gets koed by doku and other dps char before he can do anything.

i also have hk 48 4 star
rey 4 star


  • Your HP will be a little suspect yes and it will be hard for you to overcome a early loss of a character. Crossing your fingers for hit hard hopefully fast will have mixed results.
  • Like DM, when I see a team running tie pilot(or Skywalker for that matter) they are my first target. It is rare either DM or pilot gets a shot off...and Luke never lasts the second round.
  • Yes, im now going for sid, vader, kylo, lesser, luminara as my team. Need 10 shards on vader and 20 on lumi
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