Guilds Looking For Mergers - May 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***

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If you are a guild looking to merge with another guild, post your ads here. There are no restrictions as to the size, activity level or requirements of the guild posting the ad or the guilds you are seeking to merge with, however, please have at least 10 spots available, as looking for fewer than 10 spots is not really a merger.

  • No player or guild recruitment advertisements. This thread is only for finding other guilds to merge with.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild merger advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current status, more awesomeness, etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • How many players you currently have
  • Average player level and/or GP
  • The goals and requirements you'd like the newly merged guild to have
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  • Chuckles125
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    25 player active guild with about 100mm GP (3mm per player)
    All players eligible to merge have been active within last 24 hours

    We clear all raid as a group including HSTR
    Geo territory battle around 6 stars

    Most users on discord and active on in game chats

    Our goal is to merge with a group of equal size to get our active base up to 50 players. Hopefully as a combined group we will be able to go far in geo territory battles and any new potential content.

    We are willing to give up leadership / control, but would love to keep our group together, as many of us have been playing together for almost 2+ years.

    Ally code is: 298-811-384 - go by chuck in game
  • CerealKiller
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    Guild looking for merger in the next few days

    All veteran players looking for 15 people 4m+ GP that are in a similar spot

    Long story short a group of players simply left unanounced

    For details please contact:

    Discord server:

    Or leader directly trough PM: Zach/SithLordSnake#9951

    We're an independent causal capable guild, HSTR, KAM ready, 12 stars LSTB Geo with little intrest in wasting time (meaning casual aproach to TW or GAC)

  • FHoA
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    Darkside Raider is looking for a smaller guild looking to merge with a big guild. We currently have a collective GP of 115 mil. All of our members are minimum 4 mil. We are currently doing all of the Raids on heroic level. We currently have about 20 spots open, due to an inactive purge. We are a 90% F2P guild, so we understand if it takes a while for you to get the latest Meta. Our server time is based off of US Pacific time. Reset is 12 AM, Raids auto start at 1, 3 & 4 PM. Discord use is mandatory we disseminate info and help each other that way.

    Check out our rules at

    Message me via Discord ... FHoA#9665
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  • Hey,
    Currently looking to fill the remainder of our guild, currently have 7 spots available.
    I know that one or two people may being quitting the game soon, but can be discussed in PM, or in game..

    We are currently sat at 175m.
    UK mainly, but lots from the US, Europe.

    My discord user is scramble92#8220
    Ally code is 887-813-189

  • DarthFoster
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    Looking to merge!

    Us: 36 members, 144 mill power, most members are 4mill+, all active daily and looking for a guild to merge with. Very laid back, no discord, friendly group of long time players, all raids done easily all the time, geo’s LS 9*’s/DS 13*’s, hoth’s nbd but done from time to time depending on guild vote.

    You: Chill and serious/ready to play, we’d obviously like to see decent galactic powers (2-5 mill) but not required. Send us a request and let’s get it going. Send requests to ally code 342-411-298

    Happy 4th!
  • Basedeltazero

    Looking for 6/7 active players to replace inactive and retired.
    180m gp 44/50
    4.1m average
    9/21* geo with 40 members so anticipate 14/28* with full guild
    16 Wat shards
    90% win rate tw
    All heroic
    Australian/US members but all welcome

    Ally 429-211-951 or discord Jabber Wooky#3536. We're keen to talk.
  • Lpd777
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    We are a newer guild. We are basically a bunch of old school players who started a guild to have fun and help out newer players. We know all strategies for Raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars.
    We have won all of our Territory Wars
    We are running ALL raids on Heroic.

    We are looking for a smaller guild or group that would like to merge into our guild. Please contact us for details

    We are not a feeder guild and have no interest in merging into any other guild

    Please contact one of us in game or on Discord about joining
    Quaalude 842-821-529
    LPD777 448-382-117
    Miller’s chub 454-312-498
  • Swoosh_41
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  • khemler
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    Yavin a Blast; A casual but active 80 million GP guild needs 15.

    Merger with smaller guild would be ideal.

    Perfect for FTP veterans and those trying to grow.
    Anyone 80 and over is welcome.
    No Discord - In game communications.
    Heroic Pit / Heroic Tank / Tier 6 Sith / 23 star Hoth / 80% win rate on Territory Wars.
    Raids set to run automatically with 24 hour notice at 9 PM Eastern/US

    Contact: Zavijava Novafall 516-617-575
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (
    (Invite only)

    We are looking for 4 active people to join our guild. We are one independent guild of three in an alliance.
    We prefer that you're Geo DSTB ready or working on it.

    • Must be active - daily players only
    • Must be at minimum level 85
    • Must be at minimum have 2.5m GP
    • Must have account
    Here's our rules...
    • Be active: do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    • No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    • We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed. Rules are as follow...
      • For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
      • For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened).
    • Geo DSTB: we get about 17 stars, 5 WAT shard
    • Geo LSTB: we get about 8 stars
    • HPIT (Sims)/HAAT/HSTR: 24 hours wait period, start time is 8 local rotating with EST, PST, EU (Germany)
    • Discord is optional - rated PG :)
    Any questions? Or welcome aboard? :)
  • Gone Mad

    Guild Power: 81,750,000
    Guild Members: 32/50

    We are looking for a friendly merger. We can absorb a group of 18. We currently have 31 active members, and are looking for many more. This group has been together for 3+ years. Lots of experience and knowledge. We have a laid back attitude. We have a fun time in this guild. If real-life stuff comes up, we understand. We even talk about it! We are very reasonably active and expect each member to contribute in every phase. We have a 10 day grace inactive period. Very lenient.

    Guild Reset Time: 1:00a EST

    Heroic Rancor, once every 2-3 days
    Heroic AAT, once every 3-4 days
    Heroic Sith Raid, once every 4-5 days

    TW: We have a strategic game plan we ask everyone to abide by. We win more than 80% of our battles.

    Territory Battles:
    (Hoth) Active
    (Geo) Qualified

    My personal Info: (Contact me if you have further questions.)
    Recruiter: Clydeumdal
    My Ally Code: 123-917-859
    Discord Name: Gone Mad -
    Discord is not requirement

    If I'm not available, you can also reach Kactus,
    His Ally Code: 752-985-696, or UndyingValor 646-463-833

    If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in. :)
  • Nar Shaddaa

    We are a guild that is focused on beating endgame content, all while respecting your real life obligations. We are a chill group of long time players who are always willing to help. If you are looking for a competitive TW guild, WE ARE NOT THAT, we place our defenses and call it a day. You can attack if you want for practice. As a guild we focus on the PvE content. With all that said we are currently looking for a group of 10-15. The lowest GP we are willing to take is 4.5(lean). We do have other alliance guilds that have openings so we can take on a bigger group but we would have to split you up some. And those guild have different play styles from Hardcore to Causal.

    **GUILD INFO**
    Guild reset 7:30pm EST.
    All Heroic raids have a join period starting at 8pm EST and go FFA at 5pm EST next day. (Rancor is simmed)
    DSGTB = 29*
    LSGTB = 13*
    Getting both WAT and KAM shards

    Guild Requirements
    1. 600 tickets daily
    2. Discord daily(this is how we communicate.)
    3. Ability to follow directions
    4. 5m GP or higher with strong Separatists and Galactic Republic.
    5. TW - We take 2nd place. Feel free to use it as a GAC testing ground. So you can enjoy your real life and still collect zetas.
    6. TB participation is mandatory because it benefits the whole guild.

    If interested message winnie#8434 on Discord
  • taquillasun
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    The Silver Order Needs You! Join us and together we can rule this galaxy of Heroes side by side!

    We are looking for 7 people to join us and have some chill gaming going!!

    We just got 18 stars Dark Side Geo. And 9 Stars Light Side Geo. That is with our current roster and we can easily build on that with your help!!!

    We do all the raids at the highest tier. So come and get Trea shards if you don't have em already!

    So if you and anyone else you know or roll with wants to join up and see what we're all about, just reach out in game!

    Send me a message or an alley invite please!! My Ally code: 671-797-632

    You can view our roster here on SWGOH.GG -->

    Hope to hear from you soon! Let's do this!
  • Massive Badgers are a friendly active UK based guild looking for 5 players to merge with us. 1.5M and above, Current GP is 130M, We are fully Heroic. 33stars in both Hoths and 10 stars in DS Geo. Message me if interested. 158-942-955

    We are a very closely knit group with a lot of experience in the game. A good portion of us (including myself) have been in the guild since day 1 and have played together for years. We are also a member guild of Sigma Nation - a cluster of independent guilds.

    We are focused on TB and looking to improve our performance by upping our bottom line. Because we are in a large guild cluster it is easy for us to move folks to less demanding guilds relatively easily. However, we are also one of the top guilds of the cluster and so finding better folks to replace them is where we are struggling.

    So, we are looking to have a group of 15 or more to fulfill this goal. The idea would be to merge the strong group into our guild and then we would move the folks we are replacing to our other member guilds. If there are any guilds out there that are looking for something similar, perhaps we can merge our strong cores and either form a new guild from our less active portions or disperse both groups throughout our guild cluster.

    I'm open to ideas but one thing we are not interested in is abandoning our current guild (since the majority of us are still active and strong)
    May the Force be with you.
  • exile038
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  • Recruitment_poster.jpg?width=774&height=547
    Like many we are looking to improve and open to merges of active players. It could be possible to merge 2 or 3 mainly active guilds into one elite guild and a more casual but active guild.
    We are a part of an alliance of independent guilds sharing a discord channel for fellowship and knowledge. Let them know that Ryloth sent you and you can ask for Runo Fe Rah.
    Discord Server:
  • Looking for an alternative to the light side or dark side? Come check out THE OTHER SIDE!
    Goal is to merge 7-10 more members into our group of mostly veteran players. Some details about us:
    - 156M GP North American guild. Reset time 7:30pm PST
    - All raids Heroic tier. Rancor we have recently been experimenting with fun ways to keep it interesting.
    - TW 14W - 4L in 2020 -> not our area of focus but if you join then participate.
    - DS Geo TB 12 stars last time. We are close to 14 stars with a little help.
    - LS Hoth TB 38 stars last time
    If you have a great that is interested send me an ally invite and message. 795-357-776.
  • Endor Irregulars
    - All Heroics on farm
    - 16 stars in DS Geo TB
    - 8 stars in LS Geo TB
    - Phenomenal TW W/L Record

    We are a friendly and helpful ~ 150 million GP ​​Casual / Active guild. We are recruiting active players OR looking to merge with another guild to replace some recently removed and departed guild members. We currently have 10-15 open spots. The most important thing is reliable participation in guild events and desire to build a competitive roster.

    Looking for new members:
    - Level 85
    - 3mil GP Minimum (preferred)

    We do not:
    - Dictate your teams
    - Require Discord or Line (though it is encouraged)

    We do:
    - Expect participation in guild events (TW, TB, Raids)
    - Expect 600 points / day

    If interested, send PM (rasd!g¡#0110) or message me in game @ Ally Code: 739-999-426
  • Orschgrombe
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    All sorted now -- cheers!
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  • Massive Badgers are a friendly active UK based guild looking for 5 to 8 players 1.5M and above to merge with us, Current GP is 130M, We are fully Heroic. 33stars in both Hoths and 10 stars in DS Geo. Message me if interested. 158-942-955
  • Xariel7
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    Become One With Us
    All is One One is All is looking to absorb some other guilds. We are small just starting out and could take as many as 30 people, so come and join us.
    We accept players of any level the only requirement is that you are active.
    My name is Xariel my friend code is 757-546-939.
    Message me if you are interested.
    Not looking to merge into another group
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  • Looking for about 15 active members to join us. 1 of 2 guilds under the WOTOO banner (212 & 501).

    Team oriented guild that uses Discord to communicate and help each other's rosters grow. No egos in any of our 80+ members.

    145m GP, 17* DS Geo, 10 WAT shards, 8* LS Geo, EST raid times.

    You can friend/message in game, ally code 515-896-156 or in Discord message rovionekenobi#0514 or dromatheryn#9018.
  • Need 9 people here’s our guild link. We’re pretty focused guild with great strategy’s in TW&TB looking for a merge with people 3 million gp or more.
  • FHoA
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    Do you have a guild of 20 or less?

    Are you looking to merge with a bigger guild?

    Darkside Raiders is looking for you!

    We’re a group of F2P players, who have been together since guilds started. We’re currently sitting on 110 million. Our average guild power is 4 million. A month ago we were doing Geo raids with no problem, I had to purge a few inactives and then some P2P players left for a more elite guild. We’re not looking to disband or be absorbed, please don’t ask.

    We are a US Pacific coast based guild our Activity reset is 6:00 PM, we run raids at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm all heroic level.

    Discord use is mandatory, if you don’t know it’s a free chat application in either Apple or Google store. We have tons of great info in there from years of playing.

    Check out our page ...

    Check out our discord server this will get you access to our general chat room, and our #guild_rules ...

    Message me in game at ...


    Message me on discord (Best way)

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    TributeToHusyor can absorb 10-15 players.

    We are currently 67M GP with ~ 38 active players. Active chat between members. No discord required. Looking for daily players, that will contribute to the guilds growth. Have several veterans who will share the knowledge and experience to help you if desired.

    We are running a Heroic Level raid every 3 days. Currently a 6* Sith raid, transitioning to 7* after the current TB.

    Send me or one of my officers a message in the game chat if you have any questions: MMNCMSS, Mos Eyes, Mr Evans or Nunya.

    My ally code is 446-483-915
    Mos Eyes 291-953-728
    Mr Evans 123-489-277
    Nunya 623-247-397

    We look forward to making a better team.
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  • Liesure is looking to merge with another guild.
    We have 21 active players with 12 players, 2-4+M GP. We are willing to join another guild or have spots to fill in ours. We are a relaxed league so not a lot of rules. Send me a message My ally code is 931-358-885 (BlueStar1) or ally code 917-556-519 for my officer.
  • The Anomalous Empire is looking for a group of 5-10 to merge into our guild.

    What can we offer?
    • All Heroic Raids (EDT evening based)
    • 19/8* Geonosis, with a Hoth every couple months for those who need quests or GAS/Malak Shards
    • 16+ Wat Shards
    • Fun and Laid-back Attitude, End Game Rewards
    • Insidious Fates Alliance
    • Active Discord community
    • Experienced Leadership

    What do we ask?
    • 2.5M+ GP roster (Or less if focused roster)
    • Daily 600 tickets preferred, but not required if there are real life circumstances
    • Multiple teams ready for TW Defense and Offense
    • and Discord accounts
    • Discord and Guild Event Participation
  • Xariel7
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    No longer looking for merger
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