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I want to ask if there is any chance to connect my account to google play or Facebook if i play anonymously because when i started playing if i remember correctly there was no option to connect or to sign up with my user name .
And if anyone can check on my progress on my i will leave my ally code here and tell me your opinion .
My ally code - 742-331-275


  • ir21tiny
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    I don't know anything about connecting your account. Your progress is good so far. Bastilla and Ashoka are good Jedi. Kanan, Ezra, and Jedi Knight Anikan good be the other 3 for the Yoda event. There are other good Jedi, but these are the easier ones to farm that have value elsewhere.
  • Desertfox1024
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    You can connect your account to either or both. However, you can only connect brand new accounts if I'm not mistaken. To create a connected account, go to settings at the top left corner, click connect, and select the gmail address you want to connect it to. Progress's good so far. Keep it up and you'll reach 85 before you know it.
  • Just to confirm, is it the level 54 account? I added you as an ally in the late March account. You have to choose a clear path though. Right now you're all over the place. Choose 5 Jedi and focus on them. Just the five of them. I recommend Bastila, Ahsoka, Anakin, Plo Koon and Mace for your case. Then aim at the republic fleet.
  • Yes i'm level 54 ,well i have been told to either go for team for GMY or to grind the Pheonix team and unlock the emperor and the grand admiral event , i really couldn't decide so i tried to grind as much as i can
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