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We are a 230+ mil stand alone guild that has a great core of quality, long term players, looking for one. We run Haat, Hpit and HSTR as often as tickets allow; we almost constantly have raids running. We have discord; which has loads of helpful hints and tips and is really helpful when discussing TW and TB strategy. DS Geo we hit 27 stars with great rewards. Working strongly towards LS geo, we hit 12 last ls geo. Good TW win rate, usually manage a full clear and if we lose it's close! 600 tickets certainly isn't a must, but it's appreciated; the more tickets we get the more often we run raids so its for everyones benefit. We don't dictate who to farm, but you'll find most of our players are already farming for Gen Skywalker, GL Rey/ Kylo, D Revan, Malak, Geos, Seps, droids, LS geo teams etc although most have them, because we all want to progress. All we ask is for participation, all of our players are fully active and participate in everything, just without the crazy rules. Est time zone. We know gp isnt everything, always quality over quantity, but at the same time we really need to keep incoming players at a minimum of 3.5mil to keep up with requirements (although if you think you have something you could offer with less gp, shoot me a message). Most of us have families so understand there's life outside the game, we just ask players to keep us updated if theyre going to miss something. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message on here, on discord DameronT70X#3261, or add me in game 357 777 266. Would be really great to have you! Thanks for your time

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