Road Ahead: Construction Delays

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We know you are eager for new game modes and features, but in order to do so it's important that we spend time improving the foundation of the game. Rest assured - more content is coming, but the game has evolved tremendously over the years and so have the needs and expectations for it.

Much of the gameplay experience you see in our game is largely handcrafted; while this has worked until now, it doesn’t allow us to build fast enough to satisfy the demand for content. In order to ensure there are many more exciting years to come for Galaxy of Heroes, we are taking some additional time in order to build up our tools needed to take our game to the next level.

In addition to the tools, we’re working on technology upgrades that will improve memory handling and performance, client stability, and make it easier for us to place cinematics in game.

We’re planning to share details on upcoming content features in the Road Ahead which has been moved into June. We’ll also have some key info to share with you about a major character release, so stay tuned!
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