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can someone here explaine here, how many offense my kylo had in the end? my german description isn‘t clear here.

starting damage was 12.359 offense

my“history“ in tier 6 of the kylo event for the ultimate ability:

kylo's turns:
1) stasis strike 40 siphons
2) stasis strike 80 siphons
3) furious onslaught
4) basic (mass attack of hux - still 80 siphons, because it wasn't kylo's turn)
5) stasis strike 100 siphons
6) stasis strike 140 siphons
7) furious onslaught
8) stasis strike 180 siphons
9) furious onslaught
10) stasis strike 220 siphons
11) furious onslaught
12) stasis strike 260 siphons
13) furious onslaught
14) stasis strike 300 siphons
15) basic 310 siphons
16) stasis strike 350 siphons
17) basic 360 siphons
18) basic 370 siphons
19) basic 380 siphons

my last hit - before rey killed me - was 36k and 39k, so about 75k damage?!
and i thought, kylo would get stronger and stronger, the longer the fight goes.

curious if i get an answer...


  • If it’s the t6 event, Reys bonuses include getting enlightened and taking massively reduced damage
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    Rey gets a stacking "Memory" buff in the event every turn. At 5 stacks she takes 50% reduced damage along with +50% defense and 50% crit avoidance. It's why one of the common strategies has you try to burn her down immediately; otherwise you end up in a slugfest which you can lose if you haven't siphoned enough for your health steal to outpace her damage.

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    So you did 5 times the onslaught ability. This ability gives you mastery, not the siphon stacks. The siphon stacks decide how much you'll get.

    For example:
    You had about 100 Mastery at the beginning. You'll gain +80% after the first onslaught ability which will lead up to 180 Mastery. You used the second ability once you had 140 stacks of siphon which result in 180 Mastery + 140% of 180 = 432 Mastery. So on and so on...

    I recommend you to use the onslaught ability more often, even at later stages because you'll boost up way more.
    Only use the basic if you have low health to heal up.
    If you see that it is a close fight, try to use a health/speed set with health primary.
    Use always the event ability on GL Kylo.
    Also Rey get the Memory buff which will reduce her damage but this can be ignored if you stack your damage up. You should easily survive her hits and heal back up at later stages.
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