So What Did You Do in Galaxy of Heroes Today?

Lets see, I pressed sim a few times...

I pressed auto on several tiers of an assault battle, that was great fun and then proceeded to hit auto on challenge tier 1 and most auto tier 2. Oh check the monthly events for February and compare it to Stay and Play.

There were 19 events, 5 of which were assault battles in February, this month 24 and 6 are assault battles, so much for Stay and Play.

I did a fleet battle, my fleet shard is one of those really hard ones and I just don't have the motivation to do 15 fleet battles.

I did 2 arena battles. Woohoo same battles I did yesterday.

An I pressed sim a bunch of times so energy wouldn't go to waste.

An the coup de grace, I pressed deploy on what to me seems like a cancer in this game, the LS Geo TB

Am an almost 6 million GP player and all I can do, without wanting to crush my phone in this cancerous waste is deploy.

Great fun.

Why did they wait almost the entire month of May to tell us that whatever great thing they had coming, wasn't coming. Or more to the point, they weren't even going to tell us about it.

Its that far behind, that they can't even tell us a single thing about it. No its been delayed a week or even two, no its now, we can tell you in June, sometime in June.

They knew weeks ago, that they couldn't even tell us whatever they were going to tell us.

Honestly typing this out, makes me wonder why I am even bothering, for 3 years... I can't help but wonder why I have bothered with any of this.


  • You and me both, kid.
  • TVF
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    OP you have almost 6m GP and can't complete a single TB wave?
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  • TVF wrote: »
    OP you have almost 6m GP and can't complete a single TB wave?

    I can but I gave up on being in an ultra competitive guild, to try and keep playing, I went to a causal guild. My GAS squad can clear a few, as can my Padme but depending on what enemies you pull it really is pointless, and thats only in phases 1 and 2.
  • Got another gear completed for shaak ti. 2 more slots and she's gear 13
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