Who has Anakin?

I'm close to 60/80 shards to unlock him. I average 2 shards per day. Does anyone have him yet? If so, what gear and level? Is he any good? All I hear about on these boards are Barriss, Dooku, and Kylo. You'd think there weren't any other characters worth discussing.


  • I'm curious about this also. From what little I have seen of him, he seems pretty dangerous. I guess its just that few people have him.
  • He's hard to get if you didn't win him from a pack, similar to Rey. I believe it's one of the big reasons he's being overlooked.
  • I don't have him but I do remember about a week ago going against someone on pvp using him, he was a major thorn in my side, I couldn't beat this guy in 5 tries with similar power and level. I can't remember specifics on his standard attack power, it probably wasn't that great but in addition to his allies buffs his offense up buff was always a major pain for me. I remember him using Obi-Wan who did his offense down on me with anakin doing offense up. They really stacked good with each other so I think he would go best as a buff stacker with someone else.
    If I'm remembering correctly it also had quick cool down as well.
    Look, good against pvp is one thing, good against the living, that’s something else.
  • I think he may turn out to be a great one to have. If so, then the race will be on to get and level him up.
  • Time
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    He's very tough everytime Ive fought him. I'd def go for him if he was farmable.
  • He's farmable in two areas. One dark side hard and one light side hard.
  • Time
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    I should have clarified hes not farmable for me yet, but soon:) concentrating on getting purple gear first.
  • Tak
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    He is very fast and hits hard. I find him being a superstar if he gets his offense up buff going but rather lacklustre if not.

    Currently have him at 4* and I 9/65 towards next upgrade. I use him mostly in an all Jedi B-squad for gw if I run into a tough opponent to wear them down.

    One thing that is frustrating with him is his aoe special doesn't hit too hard unless he is buffed with Jedi offense so basically leader or nothing
  • 4* at the moment for me, and about half way to 5*. Planning on him as my Sid replacement with his heal/buff immunity strike in a Jedi/Tank team. SWGOHCantina stats show him with very nice speed and health so I'm hopeful :)

    Farming is quite painful as I haven't 3*'d his Dark Side map yet, so I have to manually play through this each day to farm him.
  • Wonder if he has any synergy with Ren?
  • Tak
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    I think of him more as a long term
    Project. Not the easiest character to farm
  • Certainly isn't. Did all six battles for his shards tonight. Got 0/6.
  • I have him at 4* and like 15 in to 5*. He is geared at 5. He hits decently hard and his dmg buff is nice with good setup. He is in my B squad in GW. I imagine with more gear and fully starred he will be a beast.
  • I'd put him in with people like Lando. Hard to get but will be a game changer once acquired.
  • I lucked out and got him as a 4* from one of the feworld packs I ever bought. He is on my PVP team. If you use the other characters to weaken one of their characters to almost dead and then use Anakin's smite attached it will finish them giving everyone on your team and attached boost. I also got lucky to get Darth Maul as well and have a Darth Sidious. So after Anakin kills and Sidious uses his AOE then Darth Maul can finish off pretty much everyone.
  • I'd really like Maul. If he can be kept alive his light saber sweep does massive damage. Sounds like Anakin is a contender. I'm really happy to hear this. I have so many who aren't any good.
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