Omega Battles idea

I think the original intent of Omega Battles has run it's course. But it is still needed as freebies for veteran players, and for newcomers to learn the game.

But what about having Omega Battles 2.0?

It would literally be the exact same 3 Tier setup, BUT....instead of the current fixed Required Units and theme, create a random pool of the bottom 20% (or 30%) of characters usage, and increase the difficulty.

The entire premise of farming nodes and items in shops are already random, why not have the same thing?

-no theme
-random backgrounds
-no Auto
-no SIM
-random 5 of the bottom 20% of characters that people don't use in the game (I'm sure the Devs have these stats)
-if you don't have the 5 for this round, you can't play

Maybe after 50 or so of these, the same 5 are together again as required units. Synergy is not required to win, just the characters leveled, geared, and modded up adequately.

It's just an idea to "force" players not to have the "7-1-1"* characters in their roster. It's also technically new content, as no one can plan or make a video on the 'correct' strategy to win as each time this event comes up, you need a different set of characters.

* "7-1-1" means 7*, Level 1, Gear 1

Possible examples of oddball teams:
-Lobot, Rose Tico, Tusken Raider, Mob Enforcer, and Aayla Secura
-JK Guardian, NS Initiate, Pao, Clone Sgt, and Bodhi Rook
-Jawa, Darth Sidious, Gamorrean Guard, IG-86, and Ima-Gun-Di
-URoRRuR'R'R, Clone Wars Chewie, Eeth Koth, Imp Probe Droid, and NS Acoylte

But I think the main things to make this work are not to program it to allow players to choose who they take in, battles are not the same each time, and the difficulty is mostly based on how high the players invested in them.

The bottom ____% list of characters would change over time, it would not be static or predictable. As more people use certain characters, certain others get pushed down. Plus the game continuing to add new characters. No one outside of the Devs should know of the exact list at any given time. But we can always guess.

People want to Omegas, and we'll do anything for the chance to get more. Even using characters we don't like or care about.
When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Started mid-FEB 2017, and not trying to reach the top.
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