Need a filter to keep big dawgs out of lower Rancor Tier

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I’m probably missing it but is there a way to limit who can enter a specific Rancor Pit Raid? If we want to set a raid for growing members of the Guild and keep it to just those with a certain power, besides saying “don’t go in if you’re over X amount of Galactic Power”.

The same way the game can require “only for six stars and gear tier ___ but in reverse.

Thanks for any constructive input.


  • Waqui
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    Short answer: No.
  • Kyno
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    no, and there will not be. The dev team have stated they will not give another player control over the actions of an other player.

    They will not give a leader control to block players from entering any game mode.
  • Damodamo
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    Hang on, people still willingly do the rancor?!? *mind blown*
  • TVF
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    Not all guilds are eligible to sim it.
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  • If you feel the need to set such limits, you will just have to do the honor system and boot people who don't comply.

    That said, artificially limiting what guild members can or cannot do is a good way to lose guild members.

    The only time my guild has ever done anything similar is when we were unlocking Han/GK/Traya. We asked people who had 7* those characters to please not get a top 3 finish until others in the guild could also get those toons to 7*. It was also not an -enforced- requirement. Just a request.
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