GAS preparations

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since i began to work for the gas event, and I even prepared my mod swaps.. But I am still wondering if I will be ready, and if I will need to spend the gears I started to hoard for GAS and his team.

First things first, I'm a bit short on ships, because some said it was the easiest part of the event. JKA is g12, rex and fives are g12+1, windu, sarge and plo g11+3. Ahsoka is r3. Still, I meet the recommendation with JKA Rex, fives, and snips.. Did some of you get through with something like this ?

I mostly followed Hynesy's guide for P2 and P4

For P2 I will have : Padme R3 56k health 316 speed, C3PO G12+2 36k health 262 speed, GK R4 93k health 234 speed, snips R3 35k health 219 speed and 6900 damage, shaak g12 24k health 293 speed.

For P4, I am not sure about the strategy, even if I know my B1 will be around 8k damage and 276 speed, and my droideka will be about 7k damage and 200 speed. My question here is, do i need Asajj zetas ? I think she won't last long in this battle..

I have relic materials to get someone to r5 and one to r4, and a bunch of g12..

Here a picture of my teams.

Thank you for reading me and have a good day!


  • I’ve never done the event, but from what I’ve heard, you still have more than enough for the ships part.
  • Dethjin
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    I would relax (if your mace is enough). I watched a video(there are great ones from P4) that recommended faster droideka (to get shield up before anyone takes turn in start or smth) but that's all. I have lower gear than you and will just enjoy the ride and complete this event. Only B1 is reliced for P4 for me... for now :smile:. This was surely the most horrible farm and waiting of all time. And I do everything min-max style.
  • You were right, everything went well in about one hour and a half ... I was just running in circle because of the long wait ... Good luck for your own event !
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