Can we have official announcement on what we can expect for future contents?

I am not talking about obvious updates like incrase in lvl cap with 7th-10 lvl map released.
Nor am I talking about future characters release as jedi luke, yoda or Jar Jar...
What I woud like to know is can we expect some new contents like:
-PVP with live opponents?
-weekly or 2-3 days events (like in HODA) with rewards (character shards anyone?)
-guilds and guild wars or raid boss?

So what are the devs working on beside correcting bugs and balancing the game?
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  • Fudgement
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    I think they don't wanna do it because they don't want to commit. If you release some sort of information or teaser, then you have created hype among players. And when they fail to deliver (management changes decision / technical issues) then the community finds another opportunity to bash them.

    Though that being said, I still appreciate if they have some sneak peek so that there is something to look forward to instead of suddenly BAM! New updates have arrived.
  • I just want to know what their plans with ships are. It's driving me crazy!
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