Need help with strat

I wish I knew what was off. I'm lvl 36, squads with mk 4 gear and I get wiped out on light/dark battles against lvl 30 and cantina lvl 31. Like totally wrecked and am stuck progressing. Any ideas? Thank you.


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    Need to know what lineup you're using for PvP & Light/Dark to be able to give you the best advice
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    Well, think my thing is I don't want to spend boat loads of cash. So I have:

    Light- Chewie/Poe/JC/Jawa/Clone Sgt

    Dark- Talia/Royal Guard/ FO Storm/FO Tie pilot/ Greedo

    Cantina- Chewie/JC/Talia/FO Storm/ FO tie pilot.

    These are who else I have - Snow trooper, Ewok Scout, Geonosian warrior, Lobot, Mob enforcer.

    Anything u can help me with I appreciate. Thank you!
  • Eli
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    Try leveling ur char skills and borrow a healer (daka for ds and lumi or barris for ls) in the mean try farming sid/asajj/opress from arena and lumina from gw... Hope this helps
  • Loce
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    Borrowing a healer is a good idea. But other than making sure that you complete your daily activities and challenges to fill gear slots the only other think I can suggest is don't be afraid to try different character combos and play around with your specials in different ways to see what works best. No ones keeping score so its OK if you lose lol.
    Unfortunately its hard when your character selection is small.
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    Focus on some easy shards on Cantina - like Luke and Chewy, perhaps even Talia. Focus on your Arena battles and you can get some decent toons from there. You don't need to spend money to have good team - you should just focus on your squad strong sides. For instance - if you get Luke from Cantina you will have 1 more dps toon that would help. Once you get to Talia shards, i suggest you to star her up - she is good. JC is pretty awesome - find gear, get his spells leveled up and promote him as far as you can. At lvl 40 you can get Lumi from GW. So the thing is that you should exploit your strong sides - farm the shards of the toons you have and focus on Arena shipments and at lvl 40 at GW shipments.
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