Let's talk about PvP

This is to discuss the PvP system and see what ideas some people come up with.

First the swapping system a lot don't like that system. So lets here your thoughts about what you would like to see. Only system I can think of is the daily/weekly reset system that most games use. But let's face it if you're not willing to spend 50 crystals for 5 more fights now, do you think you have any chance doing better in that system. The only ones that win in that system are people willing to spend a couple hundred a week on the game. So they can keep battling.

As for timers. I really would like to hear your thoughts on a different system. Without a timer you could get #1 right after rewards are given out, then get into a battle and just sit there for 24 hours so not to lose your spot. This also opens of grieving opportunities as maybe someone you don't like and you want to keep them from moving up just to make them mad, enter in a battle with them and sit on it so they can't do anything.

I'm starting this to hear thoughts on what people might like, not for people to just say the system sucks.

You never know come up with some good ideas and maybe CG will listen, maybe even start a whole new PvP table with the suggestions.


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    It's been a long time since i timed out, although i did come close today vs bariss/jc/talia/lumi/obi wan. Only lost 1 hero but had to put on auto when i got down to bariss/ben cause the heals/evades/debuffs were ridiulous. I think pre nerf i would have timed out but thats an extreme example. Any addition on the timer would lead to abuse. As it is when im in a fight near payout time ill idle a bit so no one can fight me.
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