Countering Darth Vader for GL's

What squads would you use to counter Darth Vader with his support crew (wat/Thrawn) on defense? Obviously the teams with Darth Vader will not hold on defense against a GL team, but i wanted to explore ways in which you could have a team with GL's on defense hold better against a person using Darth Vader and crew on offense. Since Darth Vader seems to tear apart Rey the easiest right now, i was just brainstorming squads with her in mind.

Ideas that i had were to put GL Rey in a non-leader position with Padme. Rey is already extremely fast and she puts bonus protection on everyone right away, so with Padme lead, everyone becomes immune to debuffs right away also and deals massive damage when they take a turn.

Another idea i thought about was a way to get tenacity up on everyone to start the battle. Cassian ndor gives tenacity up for 3 turns on rebel tanks, so maybe a ST Han lead with Cara Dune, K2, Cassian Andor and GL Rey would work? Its a crazy idea and not sure how well it would do, but Cara Dune is quite anti imperial, so it could work. With 3 tanks taunting, Thrawn can't easily just fracture Rey right away, which seems to be why she loses. Thrawn and Wat are the real reasons Vader is so dominant. Without either/both of them, Vader couldn't beat these GL's.

does anyone else have some ideas they have been brainstorming?


  • Akenno
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    What about using your own vader inside a rey Squad to get her ulti even sooner?
  • rey gives bonus protection. Padme needs protection up, so that won't work. And kenobi's zeta won't work as well
  • Sanderzas wrote: »
    rey gives bonus protection. Padme needs protection up, so that won't work. And kenobi's zeta won't work as well

    good catch! well scratch that padme idea.I would think that with the +30 speed lead with Rey and a lot of people who grant tenacity up on the light side, that they could get that out to everyone before Vader goes. I know Wat Tambor really makes things harder since he gives Vader the TM with the gear. Maybe Rex with Clones? Rex's go to opening move is Tenacity up. Need a couple of tanks tho to absorb the Fracture from Thrawn
  • Daishi
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    Tenacity up wont stop it, nor will tanks. Players will simply run zeta IPD. They TM swap from thrawn to IPD. IPD uses his dispel and target lock, which blocks buffs, so no taunting works. Then they still fracture Rey. Rey team is simply too defensive and Vader's offense ramps up crazy high and fast at relics with culling blade.

    A relic L3 with super high tenacity MIGHT help, since she should self dispel, but if they have their TM order correct its nearly impossible to stop. Since theyll have IPD just slower than Thrawn, so thrawn can TM swap, IPD dispel, thrawn fracture rey all before your team can do anything. And since IPD dispel and buff block is not an attack L3 wont self dispel or counter to restore taunt.

    There is really no reliable way to block the Vader counter using any Rey team I can think of. You can attempt to mod for tenacity on your team but thatll just make for an easier counter for other teams since you'll have to sacrifice offense or speed to get enough tenacity
  • Daishi
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    I had a thought I'm gonna try. The problem is the only way to have a shot at countering vader requires Wat.

    I remoded my Holdo for max tenacity. This gave her 130% tenacity. Combined with RH Finn who gives 50% tenacity to resistance allies while he is inspired, she has a 180% effective tenacity. If you ran Rey, Holdo, RH Finn, RH Poe, Wat it MIGHT stop the vader counter. You might also need to mod Rey for tenacity to resist the DOT debuffs from Vader.

    This team should start with Wat deploying tank tech on Holdo, so she taunts whenever she has protection. With her tenacity she will resist IPD's target lock better, so she won't be buff blocked. Fast Finn and Poe should easily go before vader since this team won't include jedi or rebels, so vader only get +40-48 speed from his unique.

    This team can still be countered easily if they add raid han to their vader team tho. Han always shoots first and can stun Wat before he can apply tank tech, or possibly kill Wat outright if your Wat isn't relic. Since vader only really seems to need 4 people (vader, palp, IPD, thrawn) to effectively win vs Rey, the 5th slot can have Han without negatively impacting the team. It will at least pull their Han from the rebel team tho. However it also costs you Wat.
  • mikk207
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    Malak and L3 maybe ? Malak stops Vaders tm gain and L3 for the pretaunt
  • mikk207 wrote: »
    Malak and L3 maybe ? Malak stops Vaders tm gain and L3 for the pretaunt

    I think the issue with Vader isn't so much the TM gain, its the bonus turns and then dispelling the DoT's with culling blade which triggers the TM gain for Thrawn. Thrawn isn't sith, so he gets the TM from Palpatines lead. If Rey wasn't fractured, she would be able to do much better! Wat Tambor+ Thrawn is the main reason that Vader is so good vs Rey and the second reason is that Rey is much more defensive and will spam her move 2 times where she gives bonus protection to others while taking away her HP.
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