Returning Player - Looking for quick update

Hi everyone, I last played around September 2018 and I'm looking around (and reading along) to see what's new and exciting in the game.

I was active and doing things like solo HRancor ... all that stuff still a thing? Still lots of zeta grinding?

Commander Luke still meta given the new releases?

Thanks for anyone who offers a few quick updates - I am reading developer news since 2018 but it doesn't help with jumping back into the game quickly and deciding what to do next.



  • CLS still v good. GLs or you lose. That’s it rlly
  • Hpit is on sim for most guilds. There are two other newer raids to do than that but they aren't really that new either so there are plenty of teams to beat them if you look.

    Cos hasn't been meta for a long time but if you get the legendary chewie and 3p0 he's still pretty good.

    There are about a dozen legendary or journey type characters by now but they all have different titles depending on the event. There's a guide in game now and you can do the older ones as soon as you have the requirements so no waiting needed.

    Zetas are still a grind but more readily available. There are a few new game modes/events (or new since 2018) that offer them.
  • Cool. I also figured out how to access relics, so not bad for dipping back in first day.
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