Jedi Knight Anakin mods

So I am working on a Padme GR team and I am currently trying to mod Jedi Knight Anakin and I don’t know what I should do. It seems like some say to use CD/CC sets but others say offense and health. Also I know he need a some potency for his healing immunity debuff so should I use a potency or offense cross?

I would appreciate explanations as well so I can understand how it helps and why a certain set is better. Thanks!


  • There's merit in both. Health gives Anakin more protection in terms of raw numbers from all those sweet sweet prot up buffs. However, it'll all be converted into the same amount of courage, because courage is bases on %age rather than amount of prot up.

    On the other hand, crit chance makes Anakin's special 1 more likely to crit, and therefore more likely to give prot up (so more courage, etc, you get it).

    Also remember, different mod sets take 2 or 4 mods. You could run:
    CD, CC
    CC, Healthx2
    CCx2, Health

    Wouldn't go for CD/health. I think my JKA is modded for one of the last two options. Can't remember what's on the cross but I don't recall prioritising potency. Remember to put speed on that arrow!

    If anyone is more confident on this than me, jump in!
  • Moorebid
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    I modded him with an offense and health set. Potency cross
  • MajesticMoose41
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    Mine is only R5 but he's modded with an offense/crit chance set. Crit dmg triangle and offense cross. 7600 damage. Once I get him to R7 he should be close to 9000. Crit dmg sets are overrated IMO. Once he gets into his "p1ssed off mode" he hits well over 100k.
  • Offense/CC set with crit damage triangle. Offense cross
  • Yung_Hen
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    If you’re facing a lot of DR teams with Padme I’d say Offense and Health are probably ideal, otherwise CC/CD is the best bet for damage output. I personally like potency on the cross, in a padme team you already have loads of offense with JKA, Ahsoka and Courage stacks, so sticking those buff and healing immunities can be so huge over a little extra offense
  • Dwinkelm
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    If you’re fighting malak, load up on potency and offense.

    If you’re running all-around use, go for health.

    That’s been my personal, extensive testing for my Padmé squad
  • KKatarn
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    Offense and potency mods (with good speed) is what i use. That is he shines in battle.
  • Finally got mine to R7 the other day. Just shy of 9000 physical damage. Only 60% potency though but I modded for straight offense. Hits like a friggin' truck.xicbzchndki3.jpg
  • Antario
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    It pretty much depends on the scenarios you plan to run JKA.

    I run mine with Offense and CC (but the pair of CC is not a must).

    When you run him in a Padme team (mostly the case) you definitely want to prioritize health to make maximum use of prot.up (courage) and also max health bonus (+50% for light side allies) from Padme leadership. But even a R7 JKA is quite squishy to be honest (if you use JKA in a padme team countering GG, you know what I mean). If you feel your JKA dies too often, maybe you should consider health mods or at least mods with higher Health secondary.

    Actually you don't need to worry much about CC once you maxed JKA out to R7. And almost everyone end game has JKA maxed (also because of his ship). With R7 you have a base CC of over 60%. So it is not that hard to get CC up. I could as well replace my CC mods with a pair of Health mods with good cc secondary.

    The reason why it is better to choose Offense over a CD set is because of JKA unique "Righteous Fury", which add 100% to the damage output in his bonus turns if all allies are GR. You really want to exploit this with as much offense as you could get. With CD mods, you "only" get 30% more damage (also only when you land a crit.).

    Potency as many mentioned is good when fighting Malak. However if you use JKA in P3 of the Sith raid (together with the NS), you actually don't want that much potency on JKA. Therefore, I have offense as primary on my cross.Typically, I have other teams dealing with Malak, so no need to cater for that niche counter.

  • If it is for anti DR I suggest offense and potency. Without the potency you won't be able to land healing immunity on Malak.
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