JKR speed

From swgoh.gg jkr has a base speed of 168 at G13. My jkr misses 2 gear pieces with 14 speed on them in total. So my jkr has 154 base speed.
From a speed set you get +10% speed, so 15,4 extra speed
My mods are + 128
154+15,4+128=297,4, but my jkr only has 296 speed. Why?

And yes I'm sure the mods I showed are the mods equipped to jkr. Check my swgoh.gg if you want:


  • Vendi1983
    3924 posts Member
    He doesn't get the 10% bonus from any gear tier that isn't complete.. While it doesn't seem like much, it means he's missing the 10% from that right side piece. 297.4 -0.6 = 296.8
  • Ok thanks. Seems a bit strange, but that explains it
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