Quality of Life and other such requests

Dear CG,
Please revert this.
Remember when you wanted to farm something so you tapped Sim and it would just be 1?
Too many times I have auto piloted tapping sim and it has auto gone to max and used all my energy. Just no. Please stop this pain
Also please make an option for GAC or TW to automatically make you join at the end of the period
Haat sim?
Mace windu rework?
More than 5 arena atttempts?
Remove duplicate hard battle shard farms and put some characters like logray or stage 5 fleet battle characters
More daily challenge tiers please??
Add more gear to scavenger?
Rework the request gear system PLEASE
Other uses for allies like battling them, being able to directly compare rosters etc
Add more exciting normal events like heroics and assault battles and credit heist similar events
Something to actually do after you’ve used all 5 arena, are out of energy and completed daily activities
Being able to add multiple filters to your roster at the same time

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