Best Use of Crystals?

What's the best use of Crystals? I have a decent amount saved up and was considering buying the Journey Guide Mega-pack for the Phoenix Squad since I have all 6 and might try to turn them into my main squad, but I don't know if it's an economic choice.


  • Gifafi
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    I'm not sure what that pack is, but don't do it. the best use of crystals is for energy refreshes so you can farm more things. Phoenix is a decent very early-game squad that you use to unlock thrawn, but their utility drops off quickly. The do have some good ships paired with ackbar. Idk where you are in the game but the best advice is too google farming techniqes and to go for phoeinix to get thrawn, or seperatists to get padme. the seps also have really great ships for early game that will hold up for a long while imo. #1 thing is to focus on a few chars at a time, build a team, bc if you spread yourself thin or farm and gear useless toons it will really set you back. glgl
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • The only occasion where spending crystals is wise is the following:
    for energy refreshes. Or 25 crystal hard node refreshes. Don't waste them anywhere else. Absolutely.
  • Nikoms565
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    What Gifafi and Desert Fox said. Crystals are for refreshes - never packs. Unless you legitimately have hundreds of dollars to spend on packs or vaults - only refreshes to farm.
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  • TVF
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    Gear packs are generally worthwhile.
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  • Refill of energy always and never more than 3 per period of daily activity, not to pay double cost.

    First, because it makes it much easier to do 600 daily for your guild's offensives.
    If you haven't reached level 85 yet, energy equals experience to get you to 85 faster.

    Speeding up rarity is everything for those who are at the beginning of the game.
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