Players Looking For Guilds - July 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


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    Guild found!
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    UPD: Guild found, thanks for all the responses! :smiley:

    Hi all,
    I've reached lvl 65 today and found that apparently you need a better guild to participate in Guild Events (I'm in a starter guild that lacks two levels to unlock that). So I'm looking for a guild that does a lot of team activity and would be able to provide guidance for a new player like me (like what I need to focus on for the guild's benefit, any specific approaches to guild events etc.). As to the squads, I'm working on Nightsisters now.
    I'm F2P and pretty active right now - doing all the dailies and spending all the energy, using bonuses timely, but that might change to medium activity eventually because I have life too 😅

    Ally-code: 822-366-559 profile:
    Galactic Power 153,037
    Galactic Power (Characters) 104,802
    Galactic Power (Ships) 48,235
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: 4
    Average Arena Rank: 1100-1200
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT+2
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  • Hey all daily active player looking for an active guild with similar GP to advance together,

    Ally-Code: 797-656-439

    Link to

    Galactic Power: 1,230,155

    Character/Ship GP: 732,332 / 497823

    Player Level: 85

    Number of 7*: 34

    Number of 6*: 8

    Number of 5*: 43

    Type of Play: Hyperdrive bundle/ f2p from it not spending again

    Time GMT+1/BST
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    Guild found cheers guys
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  • MosDefTimmay
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    Considering offers. Thank you for the interest.
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  • Walking_Carpet
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    EDIT: Very nice guild found, thank you.

    Hi, I'm approaching 1M GP and finding my current guild's raid frequency too slow and we're missing out on TW due to low sign up, which means gearing up my characters is slowing to a halt. Looking for a guild earning 20-30k daily raid tickets.

    Ally-Code: 491-482-586
    Galactic Power: 952k
    Character/Ship GP: 521/430k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 23
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT (UK)

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  • shipmaster
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    Already found one thanks for all the invites
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  • Snap_Wexley
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    Guild found, all set for now! Thank you for the abundance of great offers!

    I might be looking for a new home. US base time preferred, PDT is a bonus. Need a driven, highly competitive guild that excels in all areas, requires 600 daily tickets, and tolerated zero shenanigans in TW. GP minimum of 255m. Would rather avoid alliances (the guild hopping drives me nuts).

    In the words of Herm Edwards, “You play to win the game.”

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  • BigDaddyCool81
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    No problems with a 5.5m player finding a home. All done and dusted, thanks for the offers.
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  • JTRON10x
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    Well that didn't take long, thanks everyone!
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  • Ally code 483 353 552
    3.5 mil min gp per player
    msg me for more details I can also be ready for mundi shards in a month
  • TinyLannister
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    found a guild - thanks
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  • Hi I am looking for a guild with an active player base running all raids heroic! Right now I am in a guild doing most heroic, but I am looking to gain Traya shards. I am level 82 but have already got my first zeta. I am an active player who is looking to grow. Right now I am running an empire sith team with a palp lead. I have around 500,000 GP. But will build that over time. I am fairly new but I know what I want and wearing I’m heading. An preferably looking for a guild based in the UK or EU due to time zones. Many thanks

    My ally code is as follows - 261-881-459
  • DarthMaulD0M
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    Found a guild thnx for the replies
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  • RellTrian
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    Thanks everyone who contacted me, guild found!
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  • thewanderer877
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    Thanks for all the messages! Apologies if I missed anybody out.
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  • Всем доброго времени суток. Гильдия GrandWars ищет новых бойцов в свои ряды.
    Гм гильдии 200кк.
    Темный джео 26*
    Светлый джео 12*
    Рейды: яма 12:00 мск, сутки на регистрацию, далее симуляция.
    Танк 12:00 мск, сутки на регистрацию, далее бьем без ограничений
    Гтс 13:00 мск, сутки на регистрацию, далее бьем без ограничений.
    Дружный адекватный коллектив.
    Общение в вотсап.
    926-758-476 oxxxygen
  • 4-5 players with combined 14 Million GP looking for guild.

    Must do GEO TB's (15+ DS and 9+ LS)
    FFA raids.
    8-10 pm EST raid times
    25k+ tickets/day
    We prefer an independent guild to an alliance.

    Looking for an active/somewhat competitive guild that isn't militant/elitist.

    If you have what we're looking for, check us out below:
  • Racryss
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    Thx dir all , guild found :)

    Ally-Code 319-782-855
    Galactic Power: 784.000
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 15
    Number of 6*: 11
    Number of 5*:15
    Average Arena Rank: 600-800
    Type of Play: Daily / active
    Time GMT
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  • Mepp
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    Looking for an active guild on TB/TW. Min 31 stars on dark side. I dont have a legendary. Raid hour is indifferent.

    Link to
    Discord: Mepp#8509

    Galactic Power:5.243.840

    Average Arena Rank: Ships 1, Arena top 100
    Type of Play: F2P
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  • Zuko
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    Guild found, thanks everyone!

    Hi everyone! Brand new player here looking for a casual guild. I just started this month so my roster isn't too impressive yet, but I contribute to all guild activities and can hit 600 raid tickets almost everyday.

    Ally-code: 514-624-813 profile:
    Galactic Power: 135,298
    Galactic Power (Characters): 99,895
    Galactic Power (Ships): 35,403
    Player Level: 65
    Number of 7*: 0
    Number of 6*: 0
    Number of 5*: 5
    Average Arena Rank: ~1200
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: GMT-7 (California, but flexible with time zones)
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  • 5.6m GP player. No GL’s but pretty solid roster. Looking for a smaller more casual UK or Euro based guild. Probably sub 200m GP
  • Skywilson2000
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    Ally-Code: 324-449-911
    Link to
    Type of Play:F2P
    Time zone: UTC-6
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  • Hiker1
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    I got a bunch of invites to look through. Thanks all.
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  • TheBeardedYeti
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    EDIT: Found a new home. Thanks for all the invites folks!

    I am currently in a guild but they do not seem to want to get better. They complain about raids being done too quickly and are only getting 30 members for guild events. I am active and almost have Raid Han to 7*, GK is almost at 6* but am ready to do more. I can be reached on here or I did re-download Discord in case its a requirement. Discord is RaptorsCameBC.

    Ally-Code: 288-614-297
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 1,417,702
    Character/Ship GP: 854,821/562,881
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 31
    Number of 6*: 4
    Number of 5*: 51
    Average Arena Rank: 949 Currently @ 628. I stay in the 6-700 range now. Started playing in 2018 but stopped for over a year so my shard got stronger as I stayed put.

    Time-zone: EST
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  • HerderOfNerf
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    Found a new home. Thanks to everyone who replied.
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    Found a Guild. Thank you to everyone
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    Found a Guild. Thank you all.

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    Thanks all!
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