Casual But Very Active 150+mil Guild Looking 1.5mil active players

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Canadian Loyalist Alliance:

150+ mil GP guild, 45/50 active members, average GP of 3.2mil

We are a US/Canadian based guild but with members from around the world. Casual in terms that there are no farming restrictions in place but we have a very active and fairly competitive group in both TW, TB and respective GAC too. A very friendly, helpful and competitive bunch. Our guilds activities reset time is 7:30pm (GMT -4). We do all Heroic raids with all raids FFA, on farm status and with a 24hr join period. Get 40*+ for both Hoth TB (close to getting max stars) and 16* DS Geo TB with 15+ Wat shards (potential 20+).

We are looking for active members who will participate in guild events who are level 85 and have a GP of at least 1.5mil. We do accommodate for those who a lower GP if working on or have Geo team ready for WAT.

We use both the in game chat and discord for communication. Discord is recommended but not required but we do use it to share strategy, tips and tricks with a few other channels that cant be shared in game.

Link to our SWGoH guild page:

If you are interested or would like to know more you can contact me through the forum, in game (227-965-785) or discord (ArcheAngel#7559). Thanks
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