We Have the Perfect Beginner’s Guild for You!

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Join Yavin Academy, proud member of the Republic Alliance. With 17 guilds ranging up to almost 300mil, we have all the resources you need to jump start your SWGOH experience:

What we offer:

- Veteran players full of experience and advice.
- Videos, strategy guides, farming paths - as well as first hand experience.
- Positive gaming culture with a developmental mindset.

Our Requirements:

- Discord Account: The best communication app in the game
- Level 65+ so you can enter events for great rewards!
- Swgoh.gg Profile synced to your account. THE best resource out there.
- A love for the game!
- Daily Activity: Discord, Tickets, Raids, Events, the usual. We're here to help!

We pride ourselves in helping new players excel, don’t sit around in an inactive guild. Stop by our discord server here https://discord.gg/PFKBmt3 or message me directly TK421#9413

Or if you’re looking for something more competitive, we have several guilds between 100-300mil you may also find a place in. Variety is the spice.... etc. come chat with us today!


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