Who to replace Qui-Gon Jinn ?


Actually my team works well...

In Galactic battle
I have luminara 4* gear VI
the resistance pilot 4* gear VI
Talia 4* gear IV
Qui-Gon Jinn 2* gear V
The Jedi consular 4* gear V

For the arena
I change Talia by Chewi
(Yeah... I know but his... Chewi. The wonderfulll Chewi)

...But I can't upgrade Qui-Gon Jinn. His stuck at 2* and become useless
I love his skill to call another teamate to strike... so I'm looking for someone with the same ability. Five perhaps ?
What do you think ?


  • Good question. The naswer is Luminara and tou need to unlock Galactic War asap and learn how to win it every other day.
  • Maybe try IG-86 Sentinel or Geonosian Soldier. They're also relatively easy to unlock, only requiring 10 shards to activate and promote.
  • I already have luminara ^^
    And I ravage Galactic war every day with my actual team (Luminara, Talia, JC, Qui Gon and the Resistance Pilot) :smiley:
    But Qui Gon become powerless and I need to change him.

    But thank you for the help :)
  • Loce
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    By your team you can replace him with anyone you want. He has low DMG so anyone you put there will probably be an improvement, his assist special is cool, I love those, but even a moderate lvl attacker could contribute more DMG, his bebuff special is cool but seems to lose relevance unless facing a toon with an awesome offense up buff and high DMG. Of all the characters that you can grind I would say get Darth Sideous from the arena shipments. It will help in all aspects of the game. In fact sisious and luminara would probably be the only 2 characters that would get a 99% vote for must haves I think.
  • Thank you :)
    But the big advantage of Qui Gon is his second attack who call for someone. He have 25% chance to call the Resistance Pilot (big damage) or the Jedi Consular (chance to reduce is healing time).
  • Loce
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    Yeah I have a 4 star 5' with the same assist. But let's say that you use that special, you call an assist. Qi Gonn hits for 400 and his assist hits for 1000 (its not always going to be your high DMG allies also). By the time the cool down is over those 2 characters combined for about 5k dmg. A grindable 4* genosian spy with decent gear can come close to doubling that in the same 4 moves. The genosian spy also has an assist special that does really awesome DMG with decent gear applied, but I wouldn't recommend him over sidious, for a lot of reasons, but the one that stands out is his health is low.
    I have the geo spy and he's fun, and easy to grind but will get over powered later.
  • ok :)
    thank you
    Go for Sidious then
  • Loce
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    Never mind. My geo spy is only 3 stars and lvl 44. Unusable for my lvl except in challenges. But his basic attack crita for 2k against same lvl npc's, and his assist special can hit for 2500 plus whatever DMG the assist hits for (it varies quite a lot). I'm getting these numbers from the Darth Vader challenge and pve. I don't use him in the arena. I still don't recommend him over sidious but he sounds like a toon you would definitely like, and he is super easy to get and upgrade in the cantina. Level 2A I think.
  • The CD on Qui Gon's 2nd ability is only 2 turn CD with a -1 turn reduction on ability lvl 4 so he can use it every other turn.
    If only he wasnt so hard to farm... Only available from data cards -.-''
  • Loce
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    Oh nice. I didn't know its cool down was so short. But the geo spy would still out damage him and has similar health I believe.
  • 3* geo spy, lvl 44, halfway thru gear lvl 5 is 4087 health. That might change depending on which slots are filled, but I'm sure the ones I have filled are the easy ones haha.
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