GAC - Divisions and matching

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GAC becomes more and more ridiculous.. The GP limits are to low. 4,5M for div 1.. Two Years ago, one was a top lvl player with 4,5M. But now one is only midranged. But have to play "open end" against top players. I usually met opponents with 1M+ more GP. I could hardly manage to have enought teams for offense and defense with g11+, while my opponents can set easily only full relic teams and also attack with full relic teams. Wow, thats fair! But to create agood and fair tournament system wouldn t bring money, soinstead the players get a new marqee or some packs. great work.


  • Waqui
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    Full relic teams only? How come, you can't?
  • why my comment isn't here ?
  • you are making me not enjoy my GAC with your bad match making I'm always matched with 1 mill higher GP and they have r7 GAS and one of the GL at r7 and on the other hand I'm trying to play more focused and make my roaster better so that i have an edge in my GP range but all the effort is useless because of your matching plus i don't have 7* GAS or GL yet so please look into this so i could actually have fun while playing the game
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