Would you suggest me to go after gas or dr first?in arena both are getting n1 at the moment even though there are gl so that would be the same...i checked the speed of the gas and dr ok the top of my arena and my speed is very similar...i only care about arena and tb


  • I have got Darth Revan about a week ago. I would recomend him. I looked at you team for DR. You need Bastila Fallen, Juhani, HK, Carth and Canderous. The Bastila and Juhani grind takes a while. Then level I han Bastilla and Gear 10 with Zeta and the rest at gear 11 without zetas. The hardest tier is tier number 5
  • If its any help
  • Okay...but i probably have to get jkr for malak too
  • Basically i can get 1 in arena with both so my only question is...who is faster?who is better in tb
  • You are much closer to DR, you only need to farm 4 characters from 3 stars to 7 stars(HK-47 you can buy in Arena store)
    For GAS You need C-3PO(he needs 5 well geared Ewoks), Shaak Ti, 4 sepa droids and GR ships.
    That is a lot more time and resource.
  • Neither. You should aim for JKR first, you've got a good jedi team already and his lead will make them better. Drevan requires malak to be top tier, which requires jkr anyway.
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    JKR and DR are both good easy farms. I’d also consider finishing bounty hunters and getting chewie. :)

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