The future of guilds - rework necessary

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I am officer in my guild for some years and became leader a few weeks, ago. Since a few months we are getting deeper in trouble. And when I have a look in the forums it seems that my guild is not the only one. What are the reasons?
It's obvious that there are to many guilds looking for active players and that there are not enough active people out there to fill all the empty slots necessary. I did the recruiting for my guild in the forums for some years now ans It never has been easy to get new members, but in these times it seems to be quite impossible. Even thoough we have low requirements and we are attrcative for not far developed players, not a single new member showed up during the last maybe 2 months. On the other side we lost many players who became inactive during the time.
As result we earn less guild token, our results in TBs are getting worse and what's the biggest problem: Since some weeks we were not able to start a Territory War because not enough members join. My intetion is not to lament because of some not started TWs or not earned guild tokens. We have a core team of let's say 20 active long time players. We know each other, feel well in the guild and do not want to slpit or leave.
But there is a bigger, general issue: We are not the only guild dealing with these problems. People have the choice to split with their friends and look for another guild or accept earning less reards during the time. But if people do not see any progress in guild activities they are becoming frustrated and maybe quit playing the game. As a result more and more guilds are getting into the same problems. In the end the point gets nearer the game is not erning it's costs.
There has to be a rework os the guild system keep the guilds stable and working and the game attractive for the future.
I made my thougts about this and have some suggestions:
  1. Guild merge
    There should be an ingame option to look for guilds which are willing to merge and fit to your own guild fullfilling som requirements (amount of members etc.). The The guild leaders should be able to exchange themselves about the conditions. If there is an agreement there should be a merge into on of the two or a third new formed guild. To make a merger easier, the maximum size of guildmemebers should become flexible. A freshly merged guild could have maybe up to 55 or 60. New member can't be accepted before the guild sinks below 50 and the number of daily guild tokens has to be limited.
  2. Enforcing the guild rules
    The only ultimate option officers have to sanction violations of guild rules is to kick the misbehaving users. This worked well in the past as long as there were enough players showing up to replace the banned once. Now the officers have the choice to kick the user, not knowing if someone comes to replace him (what means weakening the guild: less guild tokens, less player for activities) or on the other hand to keep the user and accept his misbehaviour. In consequence it makes it impossible for officers to to bring the lead the guild in this or that directon. There has a sanction system to be establish that helps officers to enforece guild rules by less hard methods like:
    • Exclude users from the rewards of TBs for period of time
    • Exclude users who join but do not actively take part in TW from the rewards
    • The rewards of these players must not be lost but beeing given randomly to one of the active players (The winner must be not decided by officers to prevent corruption) to reward active players.
  3. Territory War
    When TW was invented the requirement of 25 people who had to join made sense because there is the need of a quite large amount of troops for this event. Now many players are much more developed and there are much more troops available. So why not reduce the requirement? The advantages:
    More guilds can again take part in TW.
    Many farmed, but long forgotten characters return a bit more to the focus
    The alternative could be a smaller version of TW with less fields.
  4. The chat system
    I think it's consense that the chat system could be improved. What is necessary in my opinion:
    • In Each chat (except in the guild chat) there should be a notification when there is an unreaded message (maybe a red dot or something)
    • There should be a 2nd default chat for anouncements and the presentation of the guild rules with following properties
    • Posts are not beeing deleted automatically
    • Writing, deleting and editing there is only allowed for officers
    • maybe Each player should be forced to enter there when thre is something new.

I am awere that not everythin can be done quick and easily. But It's time for some change I think.


  • Have you tried the Guild Recruitment/Guilds Looking for a Merger channel in the forum, or the Discord recruiting servers?
  • Yes, i tried it. But the situation there is not different from the forum.
    To Many guilds looking for aactive players...
  • Kyno
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    Then why not talk to the guilds who do want to merge?

    Also, just an FYI, they will never allow anyone to actively block another player from getting rewards that way.
    Recruiting as always been hard and right now there is a very top heavy vaccum. Players always want to be in a better place. Your guild having low requirements also makes you seem more casual. Meaning you are less likely to be seen as the best choice for someone who is looking to advance.

    I get that this can be a double edge sword, but that's the choices a guild leader has to make.
  • I understand what you mean. Indeed we always had been a quite casual bunch. We (the officers) are aware that we have to become more active. But in our position it's not easy. We invented rules to be more active. But the only way to push through a rule is to kick any player, violating it. This worked in the past when it was quite easy (compared to today) to get new players. Now you have the choice to weaken the guild or to let them do what you like. If we kick more player we become lesse attractive - a vicious circle. (see #2 in my first post)

    We are already looking for merger. But finding a merger is always quite complicated. Surely there have to be negotiation about the direction of the new formed guild. But the biggest problem is always the number of the players. I never had hat the oportunity to talk to a guild where the number of the players fits (#1 in my post). And for my point of view: I am loyal to my people and I do not want to leave anyone behind (exept mabe 2-3 peaople).
    If there would be an ingame option to look for guilds who are interested the merging process could be much easier. Much better it would be if the size of a merged guild could be flexible (mabe up 55 or 60). If two guilds of let's say 35 and 27 players want to merge, the target of the merger could grow to 52.
    Surely there has to be limiations (max. earned guild tokens. only 50 players join TW etc.) that these larger guild does not have an advantage. New players ca not be accepted before the guild shrinks below 50.
    This would make the whole process of a merger much easier and comfortable.
    In there end there are more satisfied players :)
  • I would hate to see the developers put any time or effort into this at all, since it is not needed.

    If a guild is unstable, it's not the game's fault. It's the guild, and its leadership.

    None of your suggestions would improve the quality of the game, and simply add redundancy to it.

    1. You only want active players to merge, and they can do that on their own.
    2. If members disrespect you, removal is the solution - not sanctions.
    3. Make sure your guild is healthy and 50% to join TW won't be a problem.
    4. Use Discord, or another service for guild communications.

    All of this seems like a lot of coding for no reward, just to maintain bad guilds.

    Perhaps the solution is to disband your guild, so that other better guilds can pick up your active players.

    Or, trim all the inactive members until you are at 20-25, and find another half guild that has done the same to merge with. That should be easier than trying to snatch up the few guild-less active players out there.

    Sorry for being curt, but I think you just need to step up and lead your guild. Or not. Either way, I wish you well.
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