Ships and Mods

Let me start by saying this isn't a suggestion!

But how do mods interact with ships? So my R5 Anakin has 229 (65) speed and his ship has 177 (53) speed. Ship is only 6 star but I wouldnt imagine that affects the additional speed?


  • You are correct, mod stats do not affect ship stats. Mods only affect the pilot’s power multiplier.
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  • mariogsh
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    Mod stats do not affect ship stats, as SithVicious alredy stated.

    However, the level and dots on them are the ones whose affect ship.

    AFAIK, a ship with a pilot with 5 dot mods, level 15 and being gray will be slower than the same ship with the same geared pilot, but him having 6 dot mods
  • So if I'm reading this right the (53) next to my ships speed is the additional speed on the ship based on my toons power?

    So if 2 toons are the exact same power regardless of what mods I.e one is health one is speed for example, then their ships would be equal in speed?

    Appreciate the help :)
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