Ackbar and Mothma

So after some initial experimentation with Mon Mothma, I wanted to share some interesting interactions with Ackbar that weren't previously possible, since Mothma is the first rebel with a non-attack basic ability (which means it triggers Rebel Coordination). A detail that was previously irrelevant with Rebel Coordination, is that the ONLY restriction it has is non-attacks. No other limit on its triggers. So, if Mothma is called to assist, even by RC itself, it will call another RC assist.

Then I took it a step further by testing this with the ability that inexplicably triggers RC for maximum damage, Ezra's Watch and Learn. So let's assume the team has AA lead for RC, plus MoM and Ezra, and lets throw in 3pac as well for the extra free attack. The fifth rebel is irrelevant to this example, but for the sake of it I was using Cara Dune.

Ezra uses WaL, targeting MoM. WaL plus MoM's basic call 2 RC assists already, plus 3pac's free assist triggers right at the start as well. That plus Ezra and the 2 RCs is already 4 attacks (5 with Ezra's multiattack) plus a heal from MoM. But let's stretch the RNG a little more and say Ezra's RC hits MoM, triggering a second RC from MoM herself, and both of those land back on Ezra. That would be, in order, a 3pac shot, 2 MoM heals, and 3-6 Ezra attacks depending on the multiattack RNG.
All this coming from an ability with a 3 turn cooldown, on a toon that can gain huge turn meter boosts to accelerate their cooldowns.
And that isn't even considering all the other free attacks you would be getting from this team comp as well.

Anyway, the point is some very wild assist shenanigans are possible with Ackbar and Mothma, and I'm curious what other toon combos could produce a spontaneous ambush of assists with the help of these two. And yes, I am ignoring the mass rebel fighter assists from maxed out MoM here, as I am nowhere near that point, and that is restricted to rebel fighters, while AA allows all rebels to contribute.
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