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looking for a new reasonable priced tablet to run swgoh on. Does anyone know if it will run OK on the Samsung tab A (2019-2020 versions)?
Already been burned once with a tablet and don't want to end up with another dud.
Its annoying that there isn't any form of recommended tablets/ phones listed.
Any other recommendations along the same price would be of great help.
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    I haven't had any contact with Samsung Tab A but I can tell you a bit about another one...

    Until recently, I always used phones and PC to play the game, never a tablet.
    Due to another game, which requires a bigger screen to play properly, I set on a mission to buy a tablet.
    After looking at all the worthy ones from Apple and Android, compared price/performance, the result was really clear - Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e WiFi 128GB (Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 670 CPU, 6Gb RAM).

    Being an IT person, I'm very fussy about the hardware in general... and I'm too poor to afford buying low quality products. Yes, I paid £374 for it but it was well worth it.
    The tablet is amazing, the WQXGA AMOLED screen is really nice, cameras are good as well, the performance in games is excellent and the battery... for the tablet's size, I think it's really good and holds very well.

    Long story short, it's a really good tablet, only bettered by the Apple's Ipad Pro which costs a lot more.
  • I can vouch for this, also bought a galaxy, I like it a lot too.
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  • @Lovimgsaskia1 I wouldn't do it dude, I sell that tablet and its not worth it. Don't do it
  • Cheers @Its_not_a_moon I didnt.
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