Mods on malak

For mods on malak, should I only focus on protection and a bit defense, or should I give him also offense?

I'm thinking to give him this modset.


  • Kyno
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    Protection is the way to go. He hits fine for damage but it's his special ability that is the killer and it doesnt relying offense.
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  • Jarvind
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    To further clarify, he gets a HUGE offense boost after he uses Life Drain 3 times, so you can pretty much just focus on making him super thicc.

    Some people mod him for tons of speed, although I don't think that's as important as it used to be, since Darth Revan no longer rules the arena so you won't need to mirror him often.

  • Tenacious Malak with speed/defense(%) as secondary focus is very nice as well.
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