Unfair matchmaking in GAC


normally I am not that kind of guy to go into forums and post something, but this time I have to. This is the last round of the 3vs3 tournament at GAC.
And the matchmaking is just pathetic.

I am in a group where I am the only one without a Galactic Legend character and I have 4,8million GP and my opponents have 5,9mio; 5,6mio, 5,8mio, and every one of them has Rey or SLKR.
How on earth is that a fair matchmaking??
In the last rounds (in my group) there were like 2-3 players who had a galactic Legend Character. But now in the last round, everyone has one except me.

So how does your "fair" matchmaking actually work so I can at least understand why I am paired up with these players?
If you need my ally code (and from the other 7 players who paired up with me in my group) for further examination, I can post it at your request.

Thanks in advance



  • If this is your roster - https://swgoh.gg/p/843687536/ - then I see your problem.

    Matchmaking is by GP as it was in GA but in GAC the total GP of your top {x} toons (and possibly top {x} ships) is used as your matchmaking GP. For this purpose {x} is the number of toons (and possibly ships) that you deploy on defense, times 2.

    GP is a measure of resource investment and the higher relic levels add a considerable amount of GP.

    You have quite a lot of characters at high relic levels which inflates your matchmaking GP and makes it more likely that you will encounter rosters which include a Galactic Legend.
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