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Seriously. Why are mostly FTP guilds with overall low GP getting matched with guilds who have GLs??? This is ridiculous and pathetic. Our guild should never face a GL. We aren't anywhere close to being able to compete with these people. Put GL people into their own bubble and let the rest of us enjoy this game. Because none of us regular players like the idea of GLs. You did the game a major injustice by implementing them and now you're rubbing them in our faces. Pathetic. Useless. The worst decision you've ever made in the history of the game. You owe us the lost rewards but your **** policies prevent helping small guilds. You only care about krakkens and cheaters.


  • Sebek
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    What is the GP
    Join the Dark Side, We Have Cookies.
    Join the Light Side, We Have Wookies.
  • Teg
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    We have 212 mil gp in our guild and are up against a 300 mil gp guild currently. How are they even in the same league?
  • I've read it only counts the total GP entered in the TW. So if you have 50 sign up with 200M (ie 4M/player) your opponent may have only 40 sign up with 200M (ie 5M/player). Likely they're in a bigger guild.
    You get a pretty good indication by the number of teams per zone, which aligns to the lowest team numbers.
    eg may have only 20 slots per zone if one side has 40 sign up, or 25 if both have 50 join.
  • You do realize the GL came to be for the very same thing tou're complaining about? Advantage over the none GL players.
    I don't have GL, My guild only got few of them, and I don't think I deserve to face only none GL players/guilds in GAC/TW.
    The people who went for GL invest time & resources, inflate their gp, and when they finally reach their goal, they deserve to enjoy their day in the sun.
    You don't have to go after GL, but that mean 2 things- develop a counters for GL or be ready to get beaten.
  • We just got 40m+ guild for an opponent. Ive said "ok...lets check them on swgoh"...opened first 3 plyrs to check their rosters...those 3 had more GLs chars then whole my guild. Wide of their rosters is sick. And that was 3th time in a raw we got such hard guild. I dont mind, nor any of my guildies, for a challenge...and ofc im hoping to get one in TW....but this is just stupid and pointless. We have made defense with lvl 1,3* characters just as sort of boycott. Im sure they will have ultra fun in challenging that def. Just as we will with beating their sick roster.
    TW is one of the rare shinny stars in this game that gives adrenaline to competitive players. Shame its screwed up with such a bad MM.
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