2 new glitches since last update

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I’ve had it happen twice, once in my favor and once for the opponent. In ship battles, a ship will appear with no health or protection bars. They take turns but take no damage and I don’t think you can select the ship but I’m not entirely sure. For me it happened when Vader’s Tie was summoned. I could attack with him normally but he took no damage. For my opponent in a different battle it was when Phantom was summoned.

2nd glitch is that my Vader, who is R7 and clearly faster, will not go first in Squad Arena sometimes and my squad gets decimated by opposing Vader squad. Mine is Tarkin lead, Vader, Emp Palp, Dooku, TFP. +30 speed for Tarkin lead and another +28 for a full sith/empire squad (Vader unique), plus a fast Vader, and I should clearly go first vs their squad Palp lead, Vader, Tarkin, Thrawn, Emp Palp. Tried battle twice in a row and went second both times. Checked stats before second battle to verify. Has happened before, but don’t recall this happening prior to latest updates.

Hopefully devs can look into this. Thanks.
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  • I think Vader gets +56 speed in this squad. 16 for himself and EP, makes 32. Plus 24 from the other 3. Opponent Vader could simply be faster. Check mods.
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    For Vader's speed issue, you may want to look deeper into the stats and abilities. There might be a simple explanation there. If not post that part again for more discussion.

    The ship part is a bug and should be reported to Answers HQ to get the dev team to look into it.
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