KAM Mission Platoons confirmation

Dear @CG_SBCrumb ,

I was hoping to ask this question in a Q&A but it's been awhile so I'm asking it here. Could you get someone from the Development team to confirm which platoons affect the KAM special mission in P3 of LSGeoTB. We know that the tank from P2 bottom and the Rocket trooper from P4 Ships don't affect the mission but what about P3 Mid Platoon and P2 Ships? From the symbology on the mission description it appears that no Platoons affect this mission but it seems that anecdotally some people think they do or just don't understand that symbology since it's counter intuitive to the Platoon descriptions themselves. Or maybe they do affect the mission and the symbology doesn't match? Please confirm.

Thanks so much in advance if you do take the time to answer this.
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