Galactic Challenges Feedback

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Thank you all for the great feedback on Galactic Challenges so far. We’ve been reviewing your comments along with our data and there are several areas we are looking to make changes. We want to finish the exhibition to gather as much data as possible before we start tinkering with the system but one of the most beneficial parts of using our new tools is that it enables us to respond to your feedback faster. A large part of this journey was building the tools and framework needed to create more events efficiently, but the next steps are all about expanding the variety and complexity of Galactic Challenges. We are already working to expand Faction, Planets, Feats, and Modifiers over time and we will likely be making additional changes before the next set of events.

Rewards are where we have seen the most concern. From the initial inception of Galactic Challenges, we planned to evolve the rewards over time but there are some rewards that just don’t feel valuable (looking at you sim tickets). Part of this is due to the fact that we tuned the rewards conservatively for the exhibition and this would be somewhat mitigated by running the events more frequently in the future but we are reviewing all the rewards for the event across the board but particularly at the low tiers.

Related to this, we’ve heard your feedback on the proportion of rewards for completing a tier vs the Feats. We will be closely reexamining this ratio. Gear Feats were intended to reward players for building up their roster and provide value over time, but the current format feels at odds with the more event specific nature of the other feats.

The last area I’ll mention today is the event duration. I think we can all agree that 7 days is much too long for this type of event and we will be gathering more data over the next few weeks as you get your hands on the shorter duration events. Our current thinking is that Galactic Challenges will likely run for 2-3 day but we will be watching your feedback over the next events.

Thank you again for your extensive feedback and a reminder that this is only our initial read on Galactic Challenges. We will continue to read and watch your feedback and are eager to see the results of the next events!

See you on the Holotables!
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