Transition from early to mid-game

Hi !

I am a little bit hesitating on what to farm next in the game, so much possibilities once you reach lvl 85.
I feel that I am falling in my ranking in Squad Arena & Fleet Arena, suddenly some pretty stronger opponent appeared and I can't easily handle them.

My roster :

I am currently farming:

> Cantina store : Old Daka (I don't see anybody else useful)
> Guild store : Zam / Logray
> Arena store : Greedo
> Galactic war store : Ships when an interesting shows (Tie Fighter / Biggs), or Nightsister Initiate if no ship
> Fleet store : mainly ships, I take Zam / Maul / FOTFP / Grievous when they show
> Guild events store : Hermit Yoda

> Cantina : Finn (3 refreshes)
> Hard nodes : Zaalbar, Jolee, Bossk, Tie Bomber, Slave 1, Tie Advanced, Hound's tooth/Jango

I am using an Empire team, zPalp g10, Vader g10, Thrawn g9, TFP g9, Tarkin g8.

I am thinking about transitioning either to a jedi team with Bastila lead, or wait until I can unlock CLS (in a few days) to transition to a rebel team (raid Han should unlock at same time).

I am also working on BH team to unlock Chewbacca - at least 5*.

I precise that most of my squad arena opponent in my level are either empire more powerful (with zVader) or Bastilla lead jedis.

What seems the best option ? Thanks !!


  • My advice would be to narrow your focus, work on one team at a time. Save fleet tokens for zeta mats, save guild store tokens for gear (only work on Logray if going for C-3PO), save crystals on Cantina refreshes since you don't have plans to use Finn. If you go rebels, definitely keep working on unlocking Chewie. Also, focus on one fleet team for arena to increase crystal income. You have a lot of farms going on and that spreads your resources very thin.
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  • If you're going to get CLS, RHan, and Chewie soon, focus hard on getting those 3. You can make a decent team with them, Thrawn, and Old Ben or another taunting tank. Make sure you zeta Han first if you're going that way. But if you don't find success with that, replace Tarkin with Bastila Fallen, zeta Vader's Merciless Massacre, and maybe grab Sion if you want a tank (you probably won't need one, once the tm train gets going you can decimate entire teams before they take a turn), and start working towards the Revans. If you can get the MM zeta soon, there'll be no reason to chase a Bastila-lead team because your EP will outclass it in every way.
  • I would start working on geos. You can get poggle from gw, sun fac, soldier, and I think spy show up in fleet regularly. They can unlock padme, and they're a good defense for Gac and tw. You'll need gba as well.
  • cheapest way is to continue with your zpalp+vader team, put a zeta on merciless and get 2 fillers(veers or tarkin, any trooper) and you have a nice top-500 team right there.
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  • Thank you all for your feedback !
    I was sitting on 40 zetas not knowing where to put them, i then zeta’d MM on Vader, makes Arena fights way easier.
    I will then continue with them and focus on my CLS team while unlocked
  • Now that CLS and RHan are unlocked, what should be the recommended team ? + Leia Stormtrooper Han and R2? While still working on Chewie
  • Waqui
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    Leia, tank and R2 will do well, yes. Do you have OB geared? He would do a better job than ST Han.
  • Yeah a little bit better geared than ST Han, g9 vs g8. I will level him up then
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