I wish I could help my guild in Territory War

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After a two year break from the game, I literally can not help my guild in Territory Wars in any way. Without any old republic toons, new rebels (3-Pac, Chewie, and 3P0), a Geo team, etc. I don't have any worthwhile teams for defense, I can't beat any teams on offense, and I can't even finish off weak teams because every toon now regenerates all of their health and protection so I do more harm than good when trying to participate. I'm worse than useless.

I'm slowly catching up (unlocked 5* Padme - close to chewie and 3P0, working on Geos, farming usable ships) but it's quite frustrating to have so many characters I put so much time and effort into not be able to help me at all.

I'm fully aware of how this game works (I started playing at launch) and I understand that I'll always be 3-4 metas behind, but to be completely blocked off from an entire game mode isn't fun.

(This is just a rant. I have no constructive suggestions to offer)


  • Kyno
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    That's an interesting perspective, but is that really a game problem? You want to be able to make up 2 years of game play quicker, that's great, but how is that fair to players who have been playing that whole time?

    Honestly you are "in the wrong guild" if you feel that way. If you want to feel better about your situation you may want to look at guilds made up of players who have the same amount of time put in as you do.
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    Kyno wrote: »
    Honestly you are "in the wrong guild"

    This is the cold truth. Move to another guild where you are nearer the top and enjoy being able to do the things you want to do. Right now you are not much use to your guildmates and not being able to enjoy that part of the game.

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