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Hi everyone
So I could really use some advice and help with my ships and squads. I am currently on ship nodes 5 normal and 5 hard. I am only up to battle 5-c witch I can only get one star. I only have the 3 basic capital ships at different stages of upgrades / star levels. I can’t even get the final stages of the capital ship events to get them to full star levels . I feel that my characters are at a level where I should at least be able to get these capital ships to 7 stars, however I just get annihilated and I’m just finding it completely impossible to progress any further in the game. I don’t know if its buggy or just something that I’m not doing correct.
Id really appreciate if anyone could perhaps take the time to have a look at my inventory my user name can be found by typing into google (swgoh shades of the scared ) and just to have a look if there’s something not quite right with my ships. I feel I should be able to do these events at least with what I currently have . any suggestions about a squad I can put together with what I currently have to get this done would be great.
Thanks matt


  • If so, you need to get the sixth star on executrix so you can start farming ship omegas. Level 5 ship battles are hard. A strong tank is needed to beat them IMO. Hounds tooth will take you far in ships. Its a long farm, but worth it.
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    If Snowbird found you (always helpful to list you ally code to make it easy to find you) then your issues are simple enough and not uncommon. Just as characters need more then levels to be good ships are the same but often more so.

    At a glance you only have 3 reasonable ships. Ahsoka, Biggs, Wedge. They are the only ones with a combination of 7* and crew at reasonable gear. Your other ones either lack stars/levels on the ship, stars/levels on the crew, gear on the crew or both.

    LS, get some gear on your phoenix and the Phantom and Scout will get much stronger filling out your light side fleet. Max out the Phantom's reinforcement ability, it is excellent.

    DS early fleet used to be very painful as the only really good DS fleet comp was Geos and gearing Geos just for fleet was a painful thing. But now Geos can be a good squad for a long time for people with the addition of Brood Alpha. So work up the 3 Geo Pilots and ships. Those plus Vader and TIE are plenty to clear the capital ships.

    Longer term farm Bossk and the Hound's Tooth. Staple ship in almost every fleet. Just an awesome tank and in a 3 ship starting lineup having a strong tank to hold up till reinforcements come is is vital.
  • thank you all for your help and advice.
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