ships help please

Hi everyone
So I could really use some advice and help with my ships and squads. I am currently on ship nodes 5 normal and 5 hard. I am only up to battle 5-c witch I can only get one star. I only have the 3 basic capital ships at different stages of upgrades / star levels. I can’t even get the final stages of the capital ship events to get them to full star levels . I feel that my characters are at a level where I should at least be able to get these capital ships to 7 stars, however I just get annihilated and I’m just finding it completely impossible to progress any further in the game. I don’t know if its buggy or just something that I’m not doing correct.
Id really appreciate if anyone could perhaps take the time to have a look at my inventory my user name can be found by typing into google (swgoh shades of the scared ) and just to have a look if there’s something not quite right with my ships. I feel I should be able to do these events at least with what I currently have . any suggestions about a squad I can put together with what I currently have to get this done would be great.
Thanks matt


  • @matt1981 please link your account. General advice, hounds tooth is the easiest way but looking at your roster will help the community help you.
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