Fleet Arena Shard Chat (Ixtellor, Adam Bremley, Lyce Xirec, DarthMau,...)

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Chasing shard mates so I can join a (presumably existing) fleet shard chat.
Top few are:
Ixtellor (Expanded Universe)
Adam Bremley (The Noice Guys)
Lyce Xirec (Dark Side of JediStar)
DarthMau (A Ameaca Fantasma)
Lorde Jaydius (The Notorious Few)
Shifty Slant (Arashikage)
Dark Imperator (Les Ewoks contreattaquent)
McBuddha (Annoited Rebels)
PaulJ6989 (BountyHunters UE)

I'm 13random13 by the way, sitting in the 20's. Discord 13random13#0604

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