Fleet arena discrepencies

Has anyone run into this situation in fleet arena? You have no problem with negotiator mirror matches and win most except when rng screws you over. I have one negotiator fleet that seems to always have rng on their side. By this I mean their eta fighter is super hard to get de buffs on. For example 5's basic attack never can get offense down on it, only defense down about 50% of the time. The other odd thing is their hounds tooth is next to impossible to beat bcuz it is super hard to get any crit hits. My fleet is faster and higher reliced that this fleet. My GP is 530k to their 490k. Again we run same ships and the mirror match strategy I use I can beat all other negotiatior fleets in my arena 90%+ of the time and most are relic 7 ships. This fleet I am referring too I can only beat 50% of the time on a good day and there are some days I can't beat it at all. I have fought it at times 3 battles in a row and lose the same way each battle. Very few debuffs land and results in me losing. Anyone run into a fleet like this in their fleet arena? I have reached out to several shard members and they have run into same issues against this fleet and just try to avoid it.


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