Content Update: 09/09/2020

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today’s update adds the next set of requirements for Galactic Legends Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Sith Eternal Emperor to the Journey Guide. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker’s event returns for a limited time and General Anakin Skywalker’s event, Clash on Kamino, is now available permanently!

  • The second group of requirements for Galactic Legends Luke and Palpatine have been added to the Journey Guide
    • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker
      • R2D2 - Relic 7
      • Han Solo - Relic 6
      • Chewbacca - Relic 6
      • Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker - Relic 7
      • Rebel Y-Wing 6* Star
    • Sith Eternal Emperor
      • Count Dooku - Relic 6
      • Sith Marauder - Relic 7
      • Darth Sidious - Relic 7
      • Maul - Relic 4
      • Imperial TIE bomber 6* Star
  • The Journey Continues: Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker has been added the Journey Guide and his event returns 09/09 - 09/20
  • General Anakin Skywalker’s event, Clash on Kamino, is now available in the Journey Guide permanently starting September 14th
    NOTE: This event was not scheduled to start immediately. Apologies for the confusion.


Get prepared for Galactic Legends with a series of limited time Double Drops! Start the journey to unlock the upcoming Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and the Sith Eternal Emperor by earning extra character shards and resources. Collect twice the rewards for 24 hours in the following areas:
  • 09/12 - Light Side Battle Nodes
  • 09/19 - Mod Battle Nodes
  • 09/26 - Dark Side Battle Nodes
    NOTE: Galactic Legends character shards cannot be earned from these nodes and
    Galactic Legends tickets are not included in Double Drops

The Journey Continues: Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker understands that to truly become a Jedi, he has to eventually face down his father, Darth Vader. Father and son eventually cross blades in a ferocious lightsaber duel, ending when Darth Vader redeems himself and Luke earns his title of Jedi Knight. Jedi Knight Luke is a powerful Jedi Leader that boosts his Jedi allies with a new buff, Jedi's Will, which provides a variety of bonuses. Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker is especially equipped to defeat faster enemies by lowering their speed to his own to control the pace of the battle.
  • Event begins: September 9th

These characters or ships are now available in the following locations:

Threepio and Chewie
  • Threepio and Chewie are now farmable from Light Side 7-A Hard. This replaces the Finn shards, which is still farmable on Cantina Battles 3-E.

  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Savage Opress's "Overpower" ability would deal incorrect damage against Galactic Legends.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Darth Revan's Force Storm was able to apply Shock when under the effects of Corrupted Battle Meditation if Wat Tambor assisted.
  • UNIT - Fixed bug where Hera's "Play to Strength" ability could be applied to Dazed allies.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where HK-47's Havoc could contribute Ultimate Charge to Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and could trigger Deathmark
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where characters would not have their Critical Avoidance and Defense reduced from General Grievous' Leader ability "Daunting Presence" if they were revived.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where L3-37's For the Droids would only equalize health with the first Droid ally who reached 1% Health rather than the first time each Droid ally reached 1% Health.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's Depths of Rage would only use 50 charge when activating it below 85 charge.
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Piett's unique, "The Emperor's Trap" not correctly counting as a buff in certain circumstances.
  • UNIT - Fixed a bug where Grand Admiral Thrawn's leader ability "Legendary Strategist" did not provide turn meter when an ally suffered from a debuff in some cases (such as "Inevitable Failure" from Admiral Piett for example).
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue in the Geonosis: Separatist Might Territory Battle where Mace Windu would not instantly defeat enemies with Shatterpoint when he damaged them.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue in the Tank Takedown raid where General Grievous would only take 1 action per turn.
  • EVENT - Fixed bug in "Endor Escalation" that allowed the AT-ST to be stunned.
  • EVENT - Fixed a bug where the Altar in the "Ghosts of Dathomir" event could have its Mastery manipulated.
  • EVENT - GL Luke and Palpatine quests show 14 characters required instead of 15
  • EVENT - Damage Over Time effects duration isn't defined and only expire on Death in Dune Sandstorm
  • GENERAL - Tier 4 of the Bounty Hunter Prestigious Quest now accurately states which Galactic Bounty needs to be completed.
  • GENERAL - Fixed First Order Logo in Galactic Challenges


Power up Hound's Tooth and Slave I with the Bounty Hunter Ships pack! These ships are both prerequisites to earn Han's Millennium Falcon!
  • Hound's Tooth Blueprints (x10)
  • Slave I Blueprints (x10)
  • Ship Building Materials (x100,000)
  • Ship Ability Material MK I (x15)
  • Ship Ability Material MK II (x10)
  • Ship Ability Material MK III (x5)

Date Available: September 9th
1499 Crystals
Minimum Level Requirements: 60
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