Razor Crest - Kit Idea

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Tags: Dark Side, Tank, Bounty Hunters, Cargo Ship, Scoundrel

Crew: The Mandalorian

Basic - Deal Physical damage to target enemy and gain Taunt for 1 turn. If the Razor Crest already had Taunt, deal damage again and inflict Target Lock for 2 turns.

Special - Cooldown 4 - Deal Physical damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them. Then, inflict Buff Immunity for 3 turns. This attack deals +20% damage and has +20% Critical Chance for each other active Bounty Hunter ally and can't be evaded

Hardware - Enter Battle: Grant all other allies 15% turn meter (doubled for Bounty Hunter allies) and Critical Chance Up for 2 turns. Then gain Critical Damage Up for 1 turn.

Unique (Crew)- The Razor Crest has +30% Max Protection while he has Taunt. Whenever it takes damage, it gains 15% turn meter. At the start of each of its turns, it recovers 20% of its protection.

Please give any feedback you want as this is my first ship kit idea. All is appreciated!
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    Overall this is a pretty interesting kit idea. Problem is, you have no idea what tags this ship has o who the crew is, since neither have been mentioned anywhere. I had to google the ship to find that out. Thou it did became clear after that. My biggest problem is that the bounty hunters already have the best ship tank in the entire game so another tank on top of that does feel like overkill. Also, why does the special do Special damage? Does that mean this is an Intelligence Tank? Pretty interesting if it is actually, but Special damage has really low critical chance. For who the crew is, that feels weird.
    But onto the actual problems: The biggest is the taunt in the Hardware. It's useless. Reinforcements immediate take a turn. So that taunt will expire as soon as it is placed. But even if it was a 2 turn Taunt, that still wouldn't matter at all, since your special also grants a bonus turn (to which I aks: why? It feels needlessly overpowered, especially since it's his only special), meaning that this ship will take 2 turns when it enters. That taunt will have to be 3 turns long in order to stay in battle for literally a turn. And even then after the special he will use his basic, so he will gain Taunt either way anyway, even without that. (thou he will Target lock the enemy in that case, so that's somewhat nice) So that Taunt in the hardware is practically pointless.
    I already mentioned the bonus turn and the special damage of the special. Other than that the wording is a bit weird and the cooldown reduction can be a bit op, but it's overall pretty nice. Unique as well. Not a bad job. But the special and Hardware do need some more work.
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    I changed a bit @Ichiraikou, do you think it's good now?
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    I changed a bit @Ichiraikou, do you think it's good now?

    It's certainly better. But considering he doesn't gain Critical Chance himself, and ships generally don't have high critical chance, it's probable better if the special deals 20% more damage and has +20% critical chance for each active other Bounty Hunter ally. This will actually let him make use of the critical damage up consistently. This isn't a fault thou or even wrong. Just a suggestion. It's also pretty good the way it is now.
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    Curious as to why it's dark side when mando is light side though.
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