Can we please finally get a 24 hrs review period for Territory Battles?

Dear CG & EA,

I've been happy with the direction the game has been going in lately. But can we please get a 24 hrs review period after Territory Battles? This has been done for Territory Wars since the beginning. It would help tremendously.



  • Have someone in your guild take screenshots in the last hour of the last phase

    It’s much more faster than waiting on such an update
  • We usually do that, but sometimes life gets in the way.
  • I make screens usually around 30mins before end but would be a welcomed change to have review phase (which I don't even understand why doesn't exist..).
    you wouldn't need to check the clock also there is always some member who attacks in last hours then his/her effort is not shown in screens.
  • Review period, battle history, being able to put order before it much is needed in TB, TW to help officers.
  • Do you even realize how expensive the thing you are asking for is? GOOD LORD MAN
  • sad thing, half the technology is already there, no need for big developments.. (review from TW, auto defense fill from GAC, swgoh website somehow can show battle history etc..)
  • I'd prefer to see who attacks which mission individually more than anything. I don't understand why I can't click on the info button and it shows me who attacked.

    Or better yet, the log for the zone just go back to the start of the phase.

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