Rogue Officer

Has anyone ever have an officer go Rogue due to a member of guild doing a small error in TB.

Officer went nuts due to missing a star due to deploying in wrong zone despite map being marked. He then removed more then half guild before we got a chance to stop him.

Same Officer ran our discord and then tried recruiting people.

Luckily enough for us we have had a very very steong core guild for many months now and already back to 38 members within 8 hours.

It has been so annoying going through my records of the allies and members ids thankfully rest of officers and members helped

Is there any way of preventing this in future while still having a great core of officers having powers ????


  • Be better at judging character.
    Really the only advice I can give.
  • Surprisingly he had been with us since forming guild and its what i would call proper Rage quit. As he showed no signs until last night
  • Agree ToLive we back to 40 solid members all but 2 now returned so hopefully we can get back over rhe 80million and get beating our 8 Stars in Geo TB. Was very frustrating few hours thats for sure
  • There have been officers mass kicking before, but it usually seems to be after just making some untrustworthy person an officer.
    As an officer though, you will definitely have to get used to people disobeying orders and not letting rage get to you. The right thing is just to discuss with all officers after an event who warrants kicking.

    Also, be prepared to see people preload tm in TW over and over and over, despite the officers screaming themselves hoarse about it every single time.
  • Sounds like you are a lot better off without him.
  • Quick update everyone booted has returned keeps the fairh going qe running a great guild and shows how 1 bad egg does not ruin a family
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    Call me a cynic, but isn’t this is just snide advertising for how good your family is, that you have at least one space, how tight you are as a group etc etc..??

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    DAMODAMO actually no it was started as the officer without notice disbanded discord and half the guild booted we are asking how can it be prevented in future. Not looking to advertise guild as we have not mentioned our name at all and do not intend to on this post its about how can you prevent people doing it in future who you have worked qoth for many months and never argued with but they just went rogue. Over missing a star in TB
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    this went off topic a bit, and also went down the road of naming and shaming. there is no need to provide proof of anything like this happening, or to show the name of an officer doing it.

    the OP has been answered, there is no way to prevent this other than making sure that you know your officers well before promoting anyone to a position of power.

    it is also a good idea to have a solid list of the members with ally codes if you are committed to keeping the band together, because, stuff happens.
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