What's the best squad for use with Galactic Legend Rey

So I've finally unlocked GL Rey as a F2P player and have almost got her to the point where she's going to start being helpful.
She's currently g12 with something like just 100 salvage pieces away from g13. I've been farming, and sitting on, loads of Relic material for weeks, and I'm hoping once I've started Relicing her that I can begin to work on her Ultimate. All being well, she should be PvP worthy in 10 to 14 days.

So who do I put in her squad?
For Arena, I'm hoping to climb into the top 100 for the first time ever. Preferably top 50.
For GAC, I was going to use her in Defence to guard my fleets.
And for TW, I was again thinking Defence as a nasty surprise in the second column once they've splashed all their best squads against our front column.

So who would you advise putting in her squads for each of those uses?


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