Finalizer bonus tier too difficult

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This is less a discussion topic and more of an appeal to the developers: this tier difficulty is set way too high. The event details suggest 4* ships, but I have been trying with 7* ships and G12/Relic level pilots and I still don't even come close to beating the bonus tier. Please, please make an adjustment to this. I have tried several times to complete this tier, every time the event comes around and I can never get close to beating it.
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  • You should definitely be able to complete it with the right ships at 7* and g12/relic pilots.

    What’s your starting lineup, reinforcements?
  • Damodamo
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    Ht, kru and command shuttle... use basic to call kru from the cap ship, use surprise raid to call kru, use the tm drain on shuttle onto ht to keep its taunt up and you’ll be fine. Use xanadu/vader as 1/2 on reinforcements and you shouldn’t need more than that.

    Unless your pilots are undergeared? @NgH
  • -Stun the bomber with KRU.
    -Use the Hunt ability on Anakin.
    -Pick them off one by one and call it a day.
  • Damon_Skye
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    It only says 4 stars as that is what the Finalizer will be at when unlocked. I use HT, KRU & Vader with XB and Slave 1 on reinforcement.

    Stun Y-wing with KRU, block abilities on Anakin with Vader, Hunt Anakin from Finalizer, Breach Anakin from HT. Restart if these things don’t happen.
    Then open up on the 2 taunting ships, calling HT & Slave 1 to keep up Breach and therefore the taunt on HT.
    Then clear Ashoka and finish off Anakin as his Undying Loyalty should have expired by then. The others fall easily in comparison to those that went before.
  • Damon_Skye, thanks for the tips! That was my lineup. I followed your advice and got it on the second try.
  • TVF
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    How does Slave 1 keep up breach?

    Also you can't start HT and call HT. Do you mean call XB?
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  • I believe he meant call Xanadu Blood. I don't recall how the breach mechanic works, but following these steps I was able to keep HT taunting all the time.
  • TVF wrote: »
    How does Slave 1 keep up breach?

    Also you can't start HT and call HT. Do you mean call XB?

    Must be a mistake, Slave 1 does not keep up breach whatsoever
  • Yep good spots there people. Was a busy old work day yesterday, so typo on the reinforcement to be XB as per the line up in the opening paragraph. And Slave 1 is just intended to be damage dealer & ability blocker as doesn't inflict breach like XB.

    Despite all that, I'm glad it helped you NgH
  • Schwartzring
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    My Shuttle is crap. It was the 1 ship I didn't have farmed when event came out so I was slow getting to the Bonus Tier.

    Thanks to some advice on the forums I was able to pull it off the 2nd time the event popped after getting 7* and a miserable day of fails the first time I faced it.

    HT - R5
    Silencer - G12 (Now R5)
    Can/Xanadu - G11

    Boba - G12
    Vader - G12

    First move Silencer Stuns Bomber
    Xanadu calls Silencer & Stuns Anakin
    Cap Ship Hunted on Anakin

    Every time Cap comes up, use Primary & Call Silencer.

    Back at G12 it took several tries to pass.
    Now at R5 Silencer I have it usually on the first try.

    If you don't get those 1st 2 Stuns & Hunted to land, just restart & save yourself the agony.

    Just thought I'd post this for anyone else that doesn't have the Shuttle either which makes the event a lot harder.
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