Mod set's backup/state. Can you add it?

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I really don't know how to name this feature correctly, but I'll try to elaborate

What I mean is an option to save a 'state' of all sets on all characters within player's account to some temporary file.
  • This file can exist for a limited time so if player won't 'reverse' the state of mods within that time, that file will automatically be deleted and reverse option won't be possible
  • This file can be used only on existing mods, so if player sells some mods within that time - they won't 'reappear'
  • The 'state' saves the state of all existing mods on all characters of this player right at the time it was saved
  • If player switches mods from one character to the other and uses 'backup state' soon after that, it will be counted as mod switching and he'll have to pay credits

Why is that option needed? Coz switching mods between in-game presets takes time and switching back takes even more. For example, if you want to switch mods for clones at TB's special mission, you can 'break' existing sets for 20-30 characters. And after that mission you'll have to switch them back. It can take up to 15 minutes just for mod management, due to 'loading process'.
And 'reversing' to previous state will save up to 10 minutes.


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    For me it could be option to back up mods of full roster (1slot, 2 or more would be great of course). Two buttons write full backup and read full backup... This would help a lot.
  • Nikoms565
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    Like a mod "restore point".

    Set a restore point - remod for an event - complete event - restore original mods.

    Yes, please.
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