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Hi everyone,

Wanted to tap into your expertise on Chewbacca event. I've gotten to final tier (7) and, as I expected with my current gear, I've hit the wall. Can barely survive first wave of dmg.

Team I'm currently using: zBossk (L), CB, BF, IG88 and Dengar
- - NOTE: I'm about a month or less away from having Jango to 7*

BH roster:

Before I get too deep into gearing these guys to G11/12, any insights on my current gear sets or other zeta's/omega's?

This is the way


  • Vendi1983
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    Your mods, etc are all decent in terms of primaries, etc. It's just a gear issue. G10-11 across the board with Dengar involved should be able to pull it off. I did 7* with G9-11 and Boba the only G12. Only zeta was Bossk lead.

    Speed is ok, not great, but you DO NOT need arena-grade speed for the event. You need gear and survivability to make it through their opening set of moves. Once you survive that, the event becomes relatively straightforward, esp with Dengar.

    Basically as long as Han doesn't stun Bossk on the opening you should be fine.
  • I would focus you gearing in bossk and then boba. Both are part of the best bh team for other parts of the game so not a waste.

    You'll probably want to relic bossk for his ship eventually anyway so I'd take him to g12 before you worry about the others.

    Whether you put more gear on the others depends on how much you plan on using them in the future. I'm assuming you'll use bossk, boba, and jango as the core to your main bh team.

    If you plan on using danger as a 4th and either of the others as a 5th then by all means gear them. But if you plan on farming mando and greed as your 4th and 5th, then I would minimize putting gear on unused characters after the event ends.

    The other factor is how soon you really need chewie. Are you running cls with chewie in arena? Is your 6 star chewie g11 already where you need the star to take him to g12? If not you can probably just wait as and use jango in the event rather than gearing the less useful bhs.
  • VicMackey
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    Would IG88's Payout help in this event? By the wording, makes me think its more for his ship.
  • crzydroid
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    It doesn't do anything to his ship. Some droids can put Target Lock on characters, even IG-88 himself with his AoE.

    Getting them more gear will be better.
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